Whether you’re moving into your first home or are simply looking to revamp an old space, your living room isn’t complete without these 10 accessories.  Click “Next” to read more.

1. Plants

Plants are soothing, help to freshen the air in your home, and can provide some beautiful pops of color!  With so many options available, a plant can easily fit into any decor style.  You just have to decide which kind is right for you. plants


2. Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are probably this year’s must-have living room accessory.  They’re popping up everywhere, likely because they don’t take up too much room, and provide plenty of visual interest.  Plus, blanket ladders change with the season depending on the blankets that you choose to display. rustic-ladder


3. Throw

A comfortable throw can be layered onto your couch or chair, or kept on one of those handy blanker ladders we mentioned.  Either way, your living room will definitely benefit from a nice cozy blanket.  After all, what’s better than getting snuggled under your favorite throw and watching a movie?  (The correct answer: Not much) throw


4. Something Multi-Purpose

Let’s face it, everyone could use a little extra storage and your living room is no exception.  Furniture pieces that are multi-purpose, like a storage ottoman, or coffee table with an enclosed compartment, are the perfect spot for hiding stuff that you’d like close at hand but out of view. something multi-purpose


5. Area Rug

There’s something about a nice area rug that really ties a room together and makes it feel cosy - and that’s definitely what you want in a living room!  Just be sure to choose a rug that’s the right size for your space.  That’s a rug that can comfortably fit all of your furniture, while leaving a bit of a gap around the outer perimeter of the space. area rug


6. Lamps

Lamps can not only provide good lighting (something that’s incredibly important in any space), but they’re also strong points of visual interest.  Overhead lighting can be a bit glaring and harsh, but soft, warm lamp light keeps your living room inviting.  If you find a lamp you love, chances are it’s worth the investment. lamps


7. Something Personal

Special mementos and photos are what make your home unique.  And since we tend to spend a lot of time in the living room, it’s the perfect place to showcase your interests.  It’s these little details that help make your home warm and inviting. something personal

8. Accent Pillows

No matter how comfortable your couch is, accent pillows are a must for your living room.  Those pillows will not only help your guests feel at home, they can also add a little pop of color to your space.  Plus, accent pillows are easy to change, so you can choose ones that are a little trendier to help keep your living room decor up to date. Accent Pillows


9. Candles

Romance aside, candles are perfect for creating a warm cozy atmosphere in your living room.  Plus, there are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from.  Display your candles on a coffee table, side table or on the fireplace mantel. Candles


10. Side Tables

Your living room probably has a coffee table in the center of the room, but that’s not always ideal for guests who may want to set down glasses or small plates while you’re entertaining.  Small side tables provide the perfect solution, ensuring everyone has access a place for their favorite cup of tea.side tables