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10 Amazing Secret Hidden Passageways Built into Homes

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By: Heather Boag
Published: October 1, 2015
Last Update: February 12, 2023
Secret passageways aren’t just for superheroes and far away palaces.  These 10 hidden passageways have been built in to very modern homes.  That’s right, if you’ve ever dreamed of living in a place that has hidden rooms around every turn, you’ll definitely be inspired by these amazing secret passageways that have been built into homes.

1. The Wardrobe

The stuff fairytales are made of, this wardrobe has been transformed into a magical play space for kids. wardrobe

2. The Fireplace

No one will suspect this secret hiding place!  Like something out of a medieval castle, moving the back of the fireplace to one side reveals a small hidden space. fireplace

3. The Mirror

This mirror is the perfect camouflage for a huge walk-in safe.  Perfect for stashing all of those gold bars and diamonds you’ve probably got lying around. the mirror

4. The Bookcase

This office has its own secret bathroom hidden away behind a bookcase.  Talk about going to great lengths to ensure no one else takes a seat on your throne! the bookcase

5. The Bookcase II

If spy movies have taught us nothing it’s that bookcases generally always lead to secret rooms.  This is no exception.  The right book will open the door to a beautiful secret hideaway. the bookcase2

6. The Bookcase III

This hidden passageway is basically two rooms in one!  Twist around the wall to either have an office, or a library. the bookcase3

7. The Floor

This has to be my favorite secret room on our list, because WINE!  But seriously, how cool is it to open your floor to a fully-stocked wine cellar?! the floor

8. The Brick Wall

Cover a secret door with brick and you’ll have your very own secret passageway.  With lots of faux and stick-on options available, creating a hidden room like this one could even be a fun DIY project.  Be sure to have something on the wall - in this case, wine bottles - that can be used to open the door.   brickwall

9. The Driveway

No garage? No problem! Park your favorite ride under the driveway. driveway

10. The Kitchen Cabinet

Perfect for entertaining, this secret passageway is definitely practical.  Open a cabinet to reveal a whole other kitchen counter - perfect for keeping those dirty dishes hidden until after your guests head home for the evening. kitchen cabinet