Having a home security system installed is a deterrent for would-be robbers and will also prevent thieves from making off with your valuables, if they were unaware of your home security system. The technology available with today’s home security systems include a lot more than just protecting your family and makes keeping up with what is going on at your home a lot easier.


1. Remote Capabilities

Most alarm systems now offer you the ability to monitor your home remotely from your cell phone or personal computer.  This is a great feature for busy professionals so you never miss a beat at home.Remote Capabilities


2. Deterrent

Having signs on your home displaying your subscription to a home security system is sometimes enough to deter would-be thieves from considering your home as a target.Deterrent


3. First Responders

Having a home alarm means that should a break-in occur or a fire start in your home, the proper authorities are dispatched to handle the problem. Seconds can mean the world of difference between losing your home and all your irreplaceable belongings in a fire and just receiving some smoke damage.First Responders


4. Peace of Mind

Nothing promotes a deep sleep like knowing that your home and family is secure. For those prone to worry, a home security system allows you to check in on the status of you home, such as checking on your app if you remembered to turn off the kitchen lights when you left in a rush in the morning.Peace of Mind


5. Detect Fire

Included with home monitoring systems is fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, which would alert you and the authorities of an issue. This is beneficial for those with pets left at home during the dayDetect Fire


6. Protect your valuables

The most common-sense reason to get a home security system is to protect your irreplaceable or expensive belongings, family pet and of course family.Protect your valuables


7. Save on Home Insurance

Many insurers will offer a discount to your home insurance premium when you have a monitored security system. Check with your insurance company about how you save money when your home is protected by a security system.Save on Home Insurance


8. Reduce Energy Consumption

Some systems allow you to manually adjust heat and lighting at your home, which will save on your monthly bills and stop wasteful energy consumption.Reduce Energy Consumption


9. Know when Children Arrive Home from School Safely

Imagine having the capabilities that allow you to live stream video at your home so you can check that your children get home safely. Or you can receive text alerts with timestamps for when your dog walker comes over to let out little Fido.Know when Children Arrive Home from School Safely


10. Lock/unlock your door

If you leave in a hurry and forget to lock the door you can remotely do so from your phone or if you have forgotten your keys then unlocking the door is a breeze.Lockunlock your door