10 Blind Options for your Home

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: April 8, 2016
Last Update: February 12, 2023

Window coverings are a key part of your homes décor. Choosing quality custom blinds will ensure you get your desired look with optimal functionality.

1. Venetian

Also known as vertical blinds, Venetian blinds are great for sliding patio doors as you can move them to the side. These blinds also do not collect as much dust.


2. Honeycomb

Offering complete privacy with some light that will filter through these types of blinds are perfect for bathrooms or front entryways.


3. Wood & Faux-wood

Wood offers a classic look for your windows and also helps to keep your home warm. Wood blinds can be cut to size and provide a custom look.

Wood & Faux-wood

4. Roller

These are perfect for custom windows and basements. There are a variety of styles and looks with roller blinds.


5. Roman

Elegant Roman blinds add a little sophistication to your homes décor. Roman blinds, when open, stack up and when closed block out light and provide privacy.


6. Sheer

Sheer blinds allow light to come in, but often include some visual interest. Semi-opaque they will give you a hint of privacy without obstructing light from filtering through.


7. Bamboo

Perfect for a casual look or for a beach home. Bamboo blinds are made of fine strips of bamboo.


8. Solar

Perfect for skylights or windows that receive a lot of sunlight, solar blinds are made of tightly woven sheer material that allows sunlight to enter, but blocks heat and solar rays so that the interior of the house does not heat-up unnecessarily.


9. Woven

For a more intricate look woven blinds can provide a lot of visual interest as they come in a multitude of designs.


10. Natural

No pretense is needed with natural blinds, as they are exactly as they are stated. A bathroom, outdoor patio or outdoor space is typically the perfect place for this look.