With the warmer weather heading our way, all we want to do is spend as much time outdoors as possible. This means spending long summer evenings hanging out on backyard patios or balconies. Don’t have either? There’s ways that you can still bring the outdoors inside. Here are a few.


1. Use colors that are inspired by the outdoors

Apply greens, blues, yellows and neutral tones to your room’s color scheme to create the feeling of being outside. Greens remind us of grass and plants, blues feel like the water and the sky, yellows feel fresh like a cool breeze, while neutral tones such as whites and tans make your interiors feel clean and natural.Use colors that are inspired by the outdoors


2. Use natural flooring

Using reclaimed natural wood, cork or bamboo not only feels warm on your feet, but they also produce a natural look. The organic elements of these materials create a cozy feeling that cold, man-made materials just can’t produce.
Use natural flooring


3. Let the sunshine in

Not only is natural light completely free, but it also makes you feel good! Replace heavy drapery or shades with lighter fabrics and/or sheets. Once you start letting the natural light into your home, you’ll forget that you’re even inside.
Let the sunshine in


4. Ensure all your windows have a beautiful view

If your property contains overgrown bushes or trash dumpsters that are infringing on your view, clear it up! Having a clear view out your windows is an easy way to create the feeling of being outdoors, even when you’re stuck inside.
Ensure all your windows have a beautiful view


5. Open your windows

Sometimes you just need some fresh air. When the weather is nice, literally bring a bit of the outdoors inside your space by installing screens in your windows, and occasionally turning the AC off and letting in the outside breeze.
Open your windows


6. Incorporate natural elements

Branches, bark, and stone are just a few natural materials you can incorporate into your design scheme that will add a rustic feel to any room.
Incorporate natural elements


7. Install a skylight above your bed

Experience the feeling of camping under the stars every night inside your own bedroom by installing a glass skylight right above your bed.
Install a skylight above your bed


8. Accent with greenery

Decorating an area of your home such as the dining room with green elements like fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. Use these natural accents as centerpieces or hang them on a wreath and it’ll create a cozy, cottage feel to your space.
Accent with greenery


9. Switch up your bedding and pillows

One easy way to make your home feel more spring-like is by purchasing lighter comforters and sheet sets. Look for anything in a natural fabric or with a layered look to add an outdoorsy feel.
Switch up your bedding and pillows


10. Bring home the beach

The next time you go on a trip to the beach, make sure you bring some seashells home with you. Display your seaside treasures in a homemade terrarium or large glass jar can add a feeling of summer all year round.

Bring home the beach