10 Considerations when Selecting a Hot tub

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: April 8, 2016
Last Update: February 26, 2023
After a long day at work or a strenuous workout, there is no greater pleasure in life than soaking in a hot tub. While both using your hot tub is relaxing and therapeutic, you should not be laid back about the purchase as it will last you years to come.  Take the time necessary to compare and assess features and benefits and then all you will need to do is focus on enjoying your new evening getaway.

1. Heat Cost

Compare the heating cost for the year for each hot tub to help you get a sense of which model and type are right for you.Heat Cost

2. Maintainance

What is involved in the upkeep of your hot tub? Will you look for a model that is self-monitoring or do you want to be in charge or monitoring the ph level in the water. Also, you may want to ask about service calls to a hot tub repair person from the place you purchase your hot tub.Maintainance

3. Budget

Costs range from the entry-level models around $5000, to well over $12,000 for a top of the line model. Figure out how much you are willing to spend and the life of the hot tub.Budget

4. Seating

How many people will be using the hot tub at one time. If it is just for a romantic evening then make sure you have options of different kinds of seats such as a recliner.Seating

5. Size

Do you have limited space in your backyard or do you have a large area in mind for where you will put your hot tub. Will you create a custom deck around the hot tub or place it on a stone patio? A hot tub will be a new fixture in your landscaping and you will want to decide on the location and the right type of solution for it.Size

6. Type

Typically there are two choices, in or above-ground hot tubs. If you have an in-ground pool then you will likely also want to incorporate your hot tub in-ground. If you have an above-ground tub will you need steps or place it on your deck or off the edge of your deck.Type

7. Electricity

Plug and play vs. hook-up. The cheaper models are considered plug and play, which means that you take the tub home and plug it into an existing outside outlet where you would like to use it. This could mean the hot tub is portable for you. Otherwise, you will want a model that is hooked up to an electrical box.Electricity

8. Features

Will you need bells and whistles like built-in speakers and lighting? Will there be plush headrests included? Think about whether certain upgrades are essential or if you will be using an existing outdoor speaker etc.Features

9. Water

Typically people choose from with salt water or brominated water. Salt water requires less intervention of chemicals and is fast becoming a popular choice; however the initial setup cost is more. If you go with tap water then you will need to buy chemicals to balance the water and bacteria.Water

10. Jet configuration

Weigh the pros and cons of oscillating jets versus static jets, and also the number of jets versus placement of jets. If you will be using the hot tub for massage or therapeutic use this is a key point of deliberation.Jet configuration