Your bathroom should be an inviting place where you have relaxing moments of solitude, not just a room that you rush in and out of because it’s not very appealing. If you are not lucky enough to have optimal natural lighting in your bathroom, then you will want to trick your eyes with these clever tips.



Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the bathroom and that it plays up the areas you want to see. Bright lighting at eye level in the vanity area is key and lower lighting near the bath tub is ok. Consider changing existing fixtures or adding lamps and candles.Lighting


Pick a bright and airy colour to paint the walls. Try to avoid dark solid colours or painting the ceiling as this can make the room seem smaller and boxed in. Do not however be afraid to use a bold colour as this can also create an illusion of brightness. Also a feature wall can also pull the focal point of your eyes to the area you want.Paint

Crisp New Towels

A new set of fluffy towels in white or neutral colours give your bathroom the air of a spa or high-end hotel. Sometimes just simply changing the colour of the towels can make the world of different.Crisp New Towels

Eye Catching Accessories

If a neutral bathroom is more your style then opt however for a feature that is eye catching, this way you can replace it down the road if taste or fashion changes. Changing a faucet or sink or even choosing a bold vanity can infuse a little bit of personality to the bathroom without being too intense.Eye Catching Accessories


Remove all non-essential items from the counter tops and try to put away all the miscellany into baskets or behind closed doors.Declutter


Greenery can bring life to any bathroom. Make sure to choose the right variety for the space. If there is no natural light you can also consider artificial plants.Plants


Have more than one mirror or other reflective surfaces such as glass tiles can make use of the light you do have in the bathroom.Mirrors

Replace shower curtain

A brand new shower curtain can be a quick and inexpensive make-over for the bathroom. Try changing to a bright colour or a nice white linen curtain depending on your desired result.Replace shower curtain

Toiletry set

Stocking the bathroom with beautiful soaps and lotions or Epsom salts will make it smell aromatic and also provide some visual interest. Picking a soap and lotion set with beautiful packaging can make the bathroom seem more luxurious.Toiletry set

Organizer Sets

Adding a matching bathroom set, especially in a bright or neutral tone brings coordination and organization to the space and can tie in with all of the other accessories without being overdone.Organizer Sets