10 DIY Projects for your Nursery

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: April 1, 2016
Last Update: March 8, 2023
There are so many expensive items for expectant parents to buy to prepare for the birth of their little bundle of joy and it can seem overwhelming. By making some items for the nursery yourself you can save some money and put those special personal touches on the room that you and your little one will spend so much time in.

1. Art

Instead of buying pre-made art you can do a variety of art projects for the walls like framing photographs, using scrapbook prints, framing a beautiful piece of fabric or painting your own canvas.Art

2. Knit a Blanket

If you have the ability to knit, now would be the perfect time to knit a blanket for your baby in the colours of the nursery. This would be perfect to drape over your rocking chair and knitting is a relaxing activity.Knit a Blanket

3. Decorate Picture Frames

Buy plain wooden frames from your arts and crafts store and paint and glue adornments on them. This would be a great frame to put your first family photo in or a hand and footprint for once baby is born.Decorate Picture Frames

4. Personalized Touches

It is popular to hang up the babies name on the wall. Attempt to decorate the letters of the babies name with ribbon or yarn and add flowers or stickers to match your theme.Personalized Touches

5. Stencils

Using stencils to paint a saying on the wall instead of buying decals is a lot less expensive. Or you can stencil an inspirational saying onto a canvas you want to remind your baby of.Stencils

6. Handprints

Once baby is born why not memorialize your family by taking a handprint of mom, dad and baby overlayed. You can make clay handprints or just use paint and paperHandprints

7. Mobile

Try your hand at making your own mobile for over the change table or crib. Using paper, ribbons, knit animals or feathers you can craft a mobile that is beautiful and unique.Mobile

8. Make Storage Baskets

Having great storage does not need to cost you much money. You can use any box that you might have and cover it with fabric and dress it up to your liking.Make Storage Baskets

9. Curtains

Sewing curtains yourself will allow you to mix fabrics and also allow you a greater selection of fabrics. All you need is time, patience and a sewing machine.Curtains

10. Decorate the dresser

If you are repurposing a dresser or have a dresser that you feel is a little plain then doing ombre colors on the drawers is a great way to add interest. Pick paint colors that get progressively darker as you go from top to bottom or do an antique finish all over.Decorate the dresser