It can be frustrating to head to the closet and choose what to wear for the day. Sorting through the chaos can make getting ready in the morning a real challenge! Instead of fighting with clothing, shoes and accessories, use these 10 easy closet organizing ideas to find what you need and get out the door faster. An organized closet can reduce stress and bring a smile to your face as you open up the door.


1. Declutter

One of the biggest problems people have is too much stuff in too small of a space. This leads to an overwhelming feeling each and every time the door is opened! Before any closet organizing can begin, it is important to declutter the space. Spend some time looking at each item in the closet, searching for items that no longer fit or you no longer wear. Stay strong and don’t keep items that might fit some time in the future or pieces that you may need for a special occasion somewhere down the road. If it hasn’t been worn in the past year, chances are it isn’t going to be an important part of your wardrobe.

decluttering one of the most easy closet organizing ideas


Such Easy Closet Organizing Ideas Can Benefit Others Too!

For those that tend to keep things because of sentimental value or because they have a tough time getting rid of anything, this is a great time to call in a friend or family member to help out with the closet organizing process. In fact, you probably won’t even miss it once it’s gone. Plus, removing these items helps you get a better idea of what you are working with and what really needs to stay in the closet. Because this can make such an impact on the process, it is by far one of the most important parts of closet organizing. Take the pile of unused shoes, clothing, and accessories and consider setting up a yard sale to pay for some of the closet organizing products below, or donate everything to a local charity store. There might be someone out there looking to add your unwanted clothes to his or her closet. As an added bonus, you'll feel a real sense of relief and accomplishment upon clearing out this unwanted clutter - proving that easy closet organizing ideas can benefit both you and others!


2. Shoe Cubbies

Shoes can be tough to corral. With different styles and colors for various different seasons piling up, shoe cubbies make it easy to sort through everything and organize the shoes. Cubbies leave just enough room for one pair of shoes, making it possible to see all your shoes at a glance. These cubbies can also prevent shoes from getting damaged from being piled on top of one another in the bottom of your closet!

shoe cubbies are a useful way to organise your closet


3. Pack Away Seasonal Clothes

Most of the time, you aren’t going to be wearing long pants and a sweater in the middle of the summer. As such, another one of our easy closet organizing ideas is to take these items out of the closet to free up more room for things that are actually going to be worn. If there is no room for these things anywhere else in the house or apartment, consider placing them up high at the top of the closet.

store aware seasonal clothes when they are not needed to get more space from your closet


4. Most-Used Items at Eye Level

There are some items in the closet that get a lot of use. Make sure that these are placed right at eye level. This means you won’t have to search all over the place for things that are a regular part of the wardrobe. It often means placing work clothes in a convenient location, right at eye level when the door is opened.

keep your everyday essentials at eye level in the closet for easier access


5. Coordinate Hangers

Having a smorgasbord of hangers in the closet instantly makes the space look cluttered and out of sorts. Invest in hangers that are all the same shape, size, and color. This ensures that clothes are all hanging the same way, creating a clean line right across the closet. Toss out those store hangers and consider picking up something nice for the closet.

using the same coat hangers in your closet makes it easier to coordinate


6. Use a Pegboard to Corral Accessories

From scarves to belts and purses to necklaces, there are lots of smaller pieces that can easily get lost in the mess. Consider adding a pegboard to one space in the closet. Now scarves can be hung up in a row, making it possible to see everything at a glance. By moving necklaces into the closet, it is easy to choose what to wear with every outfit.

a pegboard can provide a simple way to hang and organise your accessories


7. Organize Clothes by Color

This is one of our easy closet organizing ideas that is going to require an investment of time in order to get the most out of it. However, most people are surprised at the difference it makes in the look and overall feel of the closet. Pull everything out and sort it by color. Place the darker colors on one side of the closet and work to the other side, allowing the items to get lighter along the way.

organising your clothes by color is a useful way of making your closet more easily accessible


8. Label Containers

Boxes and baskets are another great way to gather up similar items and keep them organized. However, it doesn’t do a lot of good you need to peek into each one to check the contents every time you need something! Instead, label the different containers. There are lots of ways to accomplish this task and once it is completed, it is possible to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

label containers are useful for managing your closet


9. Shelf Dividers

Folding items on the shelves in a closet is a great way to keep things in place and free up some space, but these piles often fall over, causing even more of a mess. Invest in shelf dividers that will keep each of the piles standing tall. As an added bonus, when the stack of sweaters, jeans, or shirts is neatly arranged with one on top of the other, it is easier to locate and pull out the necessary item.

shelf dividers can help you to keep any closet organised


10. Go Doorless

The final inspiration in our list of easy closet organizing ideas is to think outside the box - literally! If you're still struggling for space and find yourself stuffing the closet door closed, consider expanding outwards. By removing the closet doors and going for an open storage option, you negate the need for fitting everything into the depth restrictions set by these doors! With your newly organized clothes, accessories and shoes, your doorless closet will merge seamlessly into your bedroom for a contemporary look that's much easier to manage - just make sure to keep it organized so you're not looking at a mess.

open wardrobes are a great way to get more space from your closet