Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to start spending more time outdoors. One of the best ways to enjoy this time of year is by getting your hands dirty and start some seasonal projects for around the house. Here are a few Spring DIY projects to try this weekend.


1. Urban Garden Pallet Bed

Have a small backyard? Create a small pallet plant bed. Instructables has an easy step-by-step guide on how to make your very own garden box from recycled materials.
Urban Garden Pallet Bed


2. Colander Planter

Transform an ordinary-looking steel colander into a stylish planter. Not only does it cost very little, but it is also incredibly easy to make. Follow this simple tutorial from Country Living and you’ll develop a green thumb before you know it.
Colander Planter


3. Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

This super easy craft is not only fun to make, but is environmentally-friendly as well. Hang a few of these recycled feeders up in your backyard and you’ll find that your property gradually transformed into a bird sanctuary.
Soda Bottle Bird Feeder


4. Outdoor BBQ Serving Station

Warm weather means it’s time to get grilling! Organize your BBQ utensils and spices by building a simple outdoor serving station and attaching it against the side of your house or fence. It not only makes a great storage facility, but is also the perfect spot to put your toppings on your burgers and hot dogs or sprinkle some seasoning on your steak.Outdoor BBQ Serving Station


5. Giant Xylophone

This kid-pleasing project is easy, as this simple tutorial from Instructables shows. Choose a fun color scheme that will reflect the joy that your kids are sure to experience while performing this life-sized homemade instrument. Although, you might want to make sure your neighbors appreciate your children’s musical stylings as much as you do.
Giant Xylophone


6. Garden Hose Wreath

Welcome in spring on your front door by creating a unique wreath using a garden hose. The project may look complicated, but it’s actually surprisingly simple. The Garden Diaries has great step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.
Garden Hose Wreath


7. Painted Patio Tiles

This project is proof that sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective. Add a splash of color to your boring backyard patio by applying bright floor paint to select tiles.Painted Patio Tiles


8. Outdoor Chalkboard

Give your family a creative outlet by building a stylish outdoor chalkboard. This accent piece is not only pretty, but it’s incredibly practical as well.
Outdoor Chalkboard


9. Mason Jar Lights

These stylish homemade patio lamps are not only easy-to-make, but they look like something you’ve paid an arm and a leg at patio barn for. It’ll definitely become a conversation piece.
Mason Jar Lights


10. Cinder Block Bench

If you want to create something that will be immediately put to use, build your very own outdoor bench out of cinder block. Believe it or not, you won’t need to hire professionals to build this bench from scratch. This will take a bit of carpentry and masonry, but it’s nothing that an ambitious DIY-er can’t handle!Cinder Block Bench


11. Pallet Planter

Transform a plain old pallet into an attractive outdoor planter. Warning: It may look simple, but it actually takes a great deal of preparation. Make sure you sand down your pallet thoroughly before you treat the wood to your choice of color or stain. Creating the horizontal planting pockets also takes a bit of work, but all your efforts will pay off once you have your family and friends asking you where you bought your backyard planter.

Pallet PlanterFrom:


12. Hanging Vases

Looking for a creative way to hang those first flowers of the season? Bring the outdoors indoors by hanging them on the wall using only wire and mini glass vases. These DIY hanging glass vases may be a simple looking wall decoration, but it will add lots of value to any room in the house. Plus, you can personalize them so that they not only match your décor, but they also make great gifts for family and friends!

Hanging VasesFrom:


13. Dinnerware Bird Feeder

Transform some old plastic plates into an ideal feeding spot for your winged friends. Building a bird feeder may sound complicated, but it really only takes some threading and basic knowledge of how to drill a hole. This is not only easy to make, but it’s incredibly accessible for the birds—and it’s actually stylish as well. It’s definitely a win-win for the human and bird populations.Dinnerware Bird Feeder



14. Wine Bottle Candles

Give an empty wine bottle a second life by transforming into a stylish outdoor citronella candle for your patio. Simply add marbles to the bottom of the bottle and then funnel torch fuel into the wine bottle and add a wick. This will help ensure a mosquito-free night of drinking on the patio. Just make sure you keep the candle away from the alcohol!

Wine Bottle CandlesFrom:


15. Cement Block Bench

Outdoor seating can sometimes come at a premium. Give your friends and family a comfortable spot to rest, without compromising the look of your backyard patio, by building a cement block bench. Much like the pallet planter, it is much less difficult than it looks. If you can put Lego blocks together, you’re likely to be able to put this DIY project together. In addition to being cost-effective, the bench also provides the perfect opportunity to get creative. Make your bench a statement piece by choosing a bright, bold color to paint the cinderblock or you always have the option of going with a more natural look. If you can’t decide, you can always just build two.

Cement Block BenchFrom: