10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look like It Was Professionally Designed

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By: Emily Davies-Robinson
Published: September 1, 2015
Last Update: March 9, 2023
We all want a home that we can show off to family and friends. Unfortunately, for many of us, having our homes professionally designed is just not an option. The good news is there are many easy and inexpensive ways to trick your guests into thinking you spent big bucks on a high-end interior decorator.

1.  Invest in Crown Molding

Crown molding is all about the details.  Crown molding easily makes any room complete by bringing the ceiling and the walls together, and gives your room a classic aesthetic. Without this type of finish, rooms will often look incomplete. The good news is that crown molding is fairly inexpensive and is easily affordable on almost any budget.

Crown molding-kitchen

2.  Cover Your Windows

Installing window treatments is a simple way to add elegance and privacy to your home. For a high-end look, incorporate materials such as natural silk, linen and cotton. If you’re not a fan of drapes, you can also try bamboo shades or wood blinds. Try to avoid using unlined, flimsy materials such as polyester because they look as cheap as their price tag.

Linen curtains-bedroom

3.  Use Trays, Decorative Bowls, Candles & Plants

Interior designers will often place trays, decorative bowls or baskets on coffee tables to arrange items into collections or to provide space for loose odds and ends. To add some glamor to your room, try placing a golden tray on top of your table. Turn the tray into a focal point by placing a stylish candle under books with plants and a small bowl inside the tray.

Decorative tray

4.  Install Bold Hardware

Stay away from the generic and cheap hardware pieces you can find at a big-box home improvement store. For a few more dollars, you can get a unique, custom, and more expensive look.  Visit flea markets and antique stores to find some heavy-duty, vintage drawer knobs and pulls to add an expensive-looking accent to your room.



5.  Customize Your Lighting

Just like with hardware, many homes are built with cookie-cutter lighting which lack any personality or style. Replace these ho-hum fixtures without breaking the bank by visiting second-hand stores and auctions to find a stand-out piece that will have your guests talking. Add table and floor lamps to each room to add more luxury to your space.

custom lights

6.  Roll Out a Rug

Besides providing foot comfort to a room, area rugs offer design inspiration and hide rougher flooring, such as worn hardwood or carpeting. Area rugs also make a space look bigger than it actually is. In addition to adding some personality to a dull space, a rug with a horizontal-stripe pattern makes a narrow space look wider.

area rug


7.  Personalize Your Walls

Hang an eye-catching art installation on your wall to create a stunning focal piece to your room. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Create a personalized look by commissioning artistic friends or family to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your room. walls

8.  Add Hardwood

Replacing your carpets with quality hardwood floors is an easy way to add value to any space. It may seem like a budget breaker, but it’s an investment which will be worth it in the long-term. Dark hardwood, in particular, will add richness and boldness to a living or dining room. hardwood

9.  Place Flowers in Every Room

Look through your favorite home decorating magazine and you’ll likely find a floral arrangement in every room. It may seem simple, but incorporating floral arrangements and natural items such as vases of shells or rocks is a great way to add a finishing touch to your space. Avoid fake floral arrangements. There are many types of low maintenance plants that will last for years if they are looked after properly. Flowers

10. Tidy Up!

Give your home a showroom look by keeping it clean and organized. Make sure that all your belongings have a place to stay in order to reduce clutter and tuck away or throw out anything you don’t use. Also make sure to dust and vacuum weekly because ultimately, keeping a clean house is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to maintain that designer home look. tidy up