Nice, warm roaring fires are wonderful, but if you never take the time to build a fire or just don't want to deal with all the safety precautions, your fireplace looks lonely and unused. If you're stuck, try one of these creative ideas for decorating an unused fireplace!


1. Firewood stacks

If you want your home to have a rustic, welcoming look, stack the fireplace full with firewood. You may never use the wood, but your room will have a much more complete appeal once the fireplace becomes a firewood storage center. Instead of looking empty and alone, the fireplace becomes a centerpiece and decoration for the space. The firewood makes even brand new guests feel at home.

Firewood stacks are one of the simplest ideas for decorating an unused fireplace


2. Screens: The cover-up

An empty fireplace is sometimes more of an eyesore than anything else. If the fireplace was ever used at all in the past, it’s likely dirty and burned. When it’s not in use, it can detract from the overall clean lines in a room. One of the ideas for decorating an unused fireplace is to get a graphic screen to place just inside the fireplace. It will hide the big gaping hole from the rest of the room and add a pop of style.

graphic Screens are a great way to cover an unused fireplace


3. Arrangements: A decor splash

Depending on the style of the room, there are certain arrangements you can place in the fireplace to accentuate the space without using it for actual fires. If you have a coastal theme in the room, for example, you could find a large piece of coral and put it in the fireplace. The surround acts as a frame for the piece. If you have a modern look, you could put a variety of flower arrangements in the fireplace each week to give the room a hint of color and a different style whenever you change the flowers.

Unused fireplace


4. Jars and vases: Classic yet fun

Get large jars or vases and place them inside the fireplace. If your room is mostly a neutral color, you can use colorful vases as an accent piece to bring another color into the room. Classic large jars can give the space an older feeling and ginger jars bring elegance. Experiment with a variety of jars and vases to see what fits best. You can even change them around to suit certain occasions.

Jars and vases complement an unused fireplace well


5. Candles: Add a glow

Just because you don’t burn wood in the fireplace doesn’t mean you shouldn’t burn anything in it. Place a variety of candles in the space and when you light them, the fireplace will have an inviting glow. It won’t put out the same heat as a real fire, but the candles will light up the space and give the fireplace something to do. It’s an elegant, easy, inexpensive way to take advantage of the fireplace in the room. Candles in a variety of sizes give the most complete look or use candles of the same size on racks to give them different depths.

add candles to your unused fireplace for coziness


6. Book Storage: Convenient and elegant

If you love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a good book, your unused fireplace is the perfect space to expand your book storage space. Since you never use the fireplace, you may as well fill it with something you love. You can stack the books so the spines show in order to give a variety of color to the room. Or you can place them so the pages show so the tone is more neutral. Either way, the fireplace is used for something that you need and enjoy, and the room looks more finished and less empty.

Book Storage in an unused fireplace


7. Shelving: Create new space

You can never have too much storage and if the fireplace is unused, turn the empty space into a shelving area. The fireplace quickly becomes a handy bookcase that is unique and bold. You can put children’s trophies, family pictures or anything else you want to showcase on the shelves in the fireplace. The shelves will be central in the room and will get a lot of attention, so choose items with care. You can rotate items in and out for the times when you are entertaining.

Create a new space with shelving in your unused fireplace


8. Framing: A layered look

An unused fireplace leaves a large, blank space in the room. But with the intricacy of the mantels that surround fireplace openings, it’s a waste to leave that space unused. If you have artwork that you want to showcase, the fireplace is a great space to utilize. Choose a piece that is big enough to fill the entire space or prop different sized frames against the space to give a more layered look. You can even rotate pieces based on the feel you want in the room at that time. Alternatively, create an outside-inside feel by giving your mantle place the look of a window!

Create a window in your unused fireplace


9. Paint it: A dash of color

One of the most simple ideas for decorating an unused fireplace is to paint it all one color from the mantel to the interior of the fireplace. White is a popular color for this trick because it makes the fireplace become a centerpiece in the room with a pop of intrigue. White fireplaces help the room look and feel larger, and they become interesting instead of empty and unused. Place some white decorations atop the newly white fireplace and the room will have a whole new look.

paint your unused fireplace white


10. Bar: Amp up entertaining

You can never have enough space to store items to entertain guests. Your unused fireplace can easily become an extra home bar. You can hang a wine rack in the fireplace and put some bar accessories on the mantel to complete the look. The unique bar will intrigue guests, and the fireplace will be useful instead of an empty eyesore in the room.

Bar - Amp up entertaining


11. Doggie Den

If you've had your fireplace seal so prevent draughts blowing down it, consider transforming it into a doggie den! With plenty of cosy cushions and blankets, you can create a retreat for your dog to curl up in. Team with food and water nearby, and you have your own DIY doggie den.

doggie den in an unused fireplace