Building a home to your exact specifications is an exciting prospect as you get to decide every detail, within reason of what the builder offers. Spend some time and peruse design magazines to understand what comforts you can budget for that will ensure your new home will be one you want to stay in for a very long time.

1. Heated Floors

A warm and cozy home starts with the floors. Consider heated floors in ensuite bathrooms and tiled kitchens so you won’t have to feel a chill in those early mornings.Heated Floors

2. Custom Kitchen Island

Designing a large or oversized kitchen island that seats your whole family is money well spent. Small islands are impractical or even worse having a large kitchen without an island misses out on useful congregating family, cooking and entertaining space.Custom Kitchen Island

3. His and Hers Sinks

A bathroom with his and hers sinks really can change mornings as it allows you to share space without getting in each other’s way. It is also helpful as bathroom clutter should not affect your spouse.His and Hers Sinks

4. His and Hers Walk-in Closets

Having separate closets can be really good as it allows you to keep your own area organized and can be a huge help in the mornings so you do not get in each other’s way.His and Hers Walk-in Closets

5. Loft

A loft can be a really great multi-purpose room. It can be a games room, music room, an office or a TV room. This extra square footage can be great for families in need of extra living space.Loft

6. Premium Lot

When you are building attempt to get the largest lot available. A pie-shaped lot is ideal as it will have the space to landscape, put in a large deck and hopefully even a pool. Lot size is something that cannot be changed so make sure you are happy.Premium Lot

7. Jetted tub in the master bathroom

What better way to make your ensuite a luxurious getaway than to get a large soaker tub with the upgraded jets. Having a place to get away to in your fabulous new home is a must.Jetted tub in the master bathroom

8. Pot lights

Lighting is critical in living areas and having pot lights put in throughout the living space can make sure there is enough light and looks sleek and modern.Pot lights

9. Extend wood flooring in high traffic areas

Having wood floors in more than just the living and dining areas is great money spent as they are more durable and it is aesthetically pleasing.Extend wood flooring in high traffic areas

10. Fire pit or BBQ natural gas line

Installing a natural gas line to the backyard is money well spent as it can fuel both a fire pit and BBQ. This is a great convenience and is very expensive to put in after the fact.Fire pit or BBQ natural gas line