Having a designer look at home is something we all strive for. Having a designer look, that also feels highly functional while fitting in with your family’s energy and priorities is something that increased Feng Shui will help you achieve.  Feng Shui is all about creating a home that will allow your best self to thrive…and who doesn’t need a little help in that department.


1. Clear clutter

Clearing excess possessions is always good advice, but regarding Feng Shui it is especially beneficial as it lightens you spiritually and allows for increased feelings of harmony in the home.Clear clutter


2. Fountain

Running water in your home is good for your career and brings luck. Consider placing your indoor fountain in the living room. The sound of running water is also very relaxing.Fountain


3. Color Red

Introduce the color red into your home. The red color represents the element of fire and also exudes energy. By having red in your home you are welcoming more recognition into your life and abundance.Color Red


4. Clean Windows

Windows are symbolic of the eyes and the mouth of those who live in the home. Dirty windows mean that your ability to see and speak freely are diminishes so cleaning them is like opening up your ability to see clearly and communicate effortlessly.Clean Windows


5. Clean the front door

The front door is the entrance to your home and what should attract positive energy. Fix any squeaky hinges, consider adding a metal kick plate for the inclusion of metal elements and clean and declutter the entryway to make it inviting and elevating.Clean the front door


6. Adding Elements of Green or wood

Adding an element of green or wood in east of home enhances family and health. An example would be adding bamboo shoots to your home or buying a money tree to represent both green and wood elements. This will also have the added benefit of attracting wealth.Adding Elements of Green or wood


7. Aromatherapy

Using essential oils are a way to increase the type of energy you want in your home. For example, use lavender oil to clear a room after an argument. Selecting the right essential oils will decrease stress and promote relaxation in your home.Aromatherapy


8. Add Metal Elements

Place a metal element in the west direction of your home to help foster creativity. Examples are sculptures, TV or wind chimes.Add Metal Elements


9. Incorporate Earth elements

Add an earthen pot to symbolize the earth element. Including an earth element into your décor will add balance and strength to your energy and life.Incorporate Earth elements


10. Good Quality Air and light

To have good chi consider adding an air purifier to your home. An air purifier will filtrate out all of the elements you want to avoid in the home like dust, allergens and pet dander. Your energy will increase when you breathe clean air.Good Quality Air and light