eastereggs4Soon the Easter bunny will be hopping from house to house hiding chocolate eggs for kids to find – and kids at heart to indulge in.  (I personally have never been able to resist a Cadbury mini egg.)  In the lead up to the spring holiday, it can be fun to take on some crafts with the kids – not only does it make for some quality family time, but these crafts can be used to help decorate the house, too.  It’s win-win!

Read on to see 10 ideas for fun Easter crafts that you can make with the kids.


Potato Stamped Easter Eggs

All you need is a few potatoes, a knife, some paper and washable paint and you’re ready to go!  Obviously, the knife – used for cutting away parts of the potato to make the egg stamp – is for adults only.  However, once that part’s finished it’s all about the kids.  Get them to stamp out as many designs as they can, and choose a few to hang up around the house for Easter.

Click here for a full Easter Egg Potato Stamping tutorial [SassyDealz].



Easter Cookie Decoration

Ok, so your cookies may not turn out as good as these ones here – but not to worry, they’re from a professional bakery.  However, decorating cookies is way more fun than decorating eggs because you get to eat them afterwards!  Take your inspiration from the pros, or try out your own decorating designs.  Either way, you’ll be able to indulge in a delicious snack when you’re done.

Egg inspiration via Benny’s Bakery Cakes.



Curious Bunny Craft

We found this while looking for craft inspiration on Pinterest – and while there was no direct instructions, it was too cute to pass up!  It looks like all you need is a flower pot, a couple of fake flowers, a few pieces of felt and 2 cotton balls (one large for the bunny’s body, and one smaller one for the tail).  Check your local craft store for supplies, and make a few to place around your home.

No time to make one yourself? Purchase a Curious Little Bunny Pot from Etsy.



Decorating Easter Eggs

No Easter craft list would be complete without this classic: dyed Easter eggs.  However, the folks at Food.InnerChildFun.com have some interesting ideas to try and minimize the inevitable mess, and put some new twists on this favorite pastime.  Simply hard boil and peel your eggs, and then let your creative juices flow!  Pro tip: Use a whisk to ensure you maintain a good ‘grip’ on your egg throughout the process.



Easter Egg Tree

This craft is one that you can keep for years to come – and you can get most of the materials you need at your local dollar store!  Create an Easter Egg tree with some foam ornaments, a cone, a hot glue gun, and some Easter grass as filler.  This is similar to those ornament trees that you've seen at Christmas time, but with Easter eggs.

Visit Sweet Floweret for a full tutorial.



Easter Bunny Boxes (or Bags)

These boxes – via Scrappin with my Bug – were made to hold juice boxes.  However, I bet you could achieve a similar look by adding the bunny face, ears, feet, and tail to a paper bag.  The bag could be used for sharing a selection of Easter goodies!



Easter Chick Place Holders

Ensure there are no questions about seating when it comes to Easter dinner, with these adorable Easter Chick Place Holders!  Decorate clay pots and plastic spoons, to make this attractive place setting that will be a wonderful addition to your Easter table.  Choose seasonal Easter colors, or pick a few hues that compliment your existing dining room décor.

Visit Crafts by Amanda for a full tutorial on how to make these placeholders.



Easter Bunny Toilet Paper Rolls

Stop! Do not throw out that empty toilet paper roll.  Instead, turn it into a cute bunny!  All you need is some construction paper, a black marker, and a pair of googly eyes.  It’s simple, easy, and parents will love that the mess is kept to a minimum.

We found this photo of these colorful bunnies on Pinterest.  Click for a closer look. 



Paper Strip Easter Egg

Another easy craft that doesn’t involve too much clean up, is this paper strip Easter egg.  Simply draw an oval on a piece of paper, and glue strips of decorative paper on top of your oval, so it covers the pencil marks.  Then, take another sheet of paper and cut out an oval (ideally the same size and shape as the one that you originally drew), and place the paper with the hole in it on top of your initial design.  Voila!  A beautiful Easter egg.

Click here to take a look at the step-by-step guide. 



Hand Print Easter Crafts

Ok, this could get a little messy, but it’s fun for the kids – and makes a cute Easter memento.  All you need is some paper, washable yellow and orange paint, and a black pen or marker for filling in some of the details.  For each chick, print a yellow hand print with fingers together, then add a fingerprint orange beak.  Once the paint is dry, use the pen to draw on eyes, feet, and wings.

Click here for full instructions and more examples [via Activity Village].