We all wish we could renovate our house without worrying about the cost. Since this isn’t the case for the majority of us, here are a few ways you can decorate on a dime!

1. Use a cute box to hide cords and powerbars

Don’t let ugly power cords detract from an otherwise stylish living room. Use a decorative storage box to hide these less-than-attractive electronic eyesores from public view.

changing box


2. Dress up your headboard

If you’re tired of your current headboard, you don’t have to buy a new one or have it reupholstered or replaced in order to switch things up. All you need to do is drape a large piece of fabric (or thin blanket or large scarf) over your headboard and instantly transform the look of your bedroom!

Blanket headboard-2


3. Update your backsplash with a coat of paint

Sometimes all you need is a new coat of paint. Update a dated kitchen by painting your backsplash with a visually-appealing geometric pattern. Use some masking tape to create your own personalized design and use a bold colour to make your new backsplash pop. Just make sure to use an exacto knife to cut your pieces of tape so that the lines and corners of your design stay as neat as possible.

painted backsplash


4. Hang a mirror with rope

Give your typical wall mirror a rustic makeover by hanging it on the wall using some thick rope. Attach the rope to the mirror using large eye hooks on either side of the mirror and then simply hang the mirror using a strong picture hanging hook.



5. Use old door knobs for hanging towels

This DIY hack is not only pretty, but practical as well. Find old door knobs at flea markets or garage sales and transform them into unique towel hooks. It’ll have all your guests talking.

Door Knob Towel Rack


6. Turn old drawers into shelves

Give some old drawers a second life by turning them into practical and stylish shelves. Just by giving them a new coat of paint and replacing the handles to match your décor, you’ll have the makings of a new storage unit. Cover the bottom of the drawer with self-adhesive vinyl film, stick it to your wall and you’ll have a unique wall shelf that your guests will be sure to notice.

Turn old drawers into shelvesFrom: backalleyjohn.com

7. Turn ladders into shoe racks

Looking for an unusual way to organize your shoe collection? Turn an ordinary household ladder into a stylish shoe rack worthy of displaying your designer heels. It’s guaranteed to become a conversation piece.


8. Replace your table legs

Bored of your generic Ikea tables? The good news is you don’t have to buy a new table to satisfy your craving for something different. Create a customized look by replacing the legs of the table. This will add some instant chic to your previously ho-hum home furniture.

Upcycled Kitchen Table

9. Mix and Match Your Chairs

An easy way to add some character to your kitchen space is by creating a table set up which incorporates different types of chairs. This eclectic look will not only provide an interesting aesthetic for your space, but it will also save you from having to purchase an entire table set. Still, there should be some consistency between all the chairs to tie together the whole look. An easy way is just by painting all the chairs in the same color palette.

Mix and Match Your Chairs

From: thesimpleproof.com

10. Turn an Old Ironing Board into a Table

Do you (or your grandparents) have an old ironing board lying around? Sand it down and give it a coat of paint or stain and turn it into a handy decorative table. It makes a great plant stand or display for family photos and other sentimental knickknacks. This makes a great addition to any foyer or hallway.

Turn an Old Ironing Board into a TableFrom: sypsie.com

11. Dress up a cheap lamp with a decorative lamp shade

Dress up a tired-looking discount lamp with a stunning decorative lamp shade. This is enough to transform it into a completely new-looking piece without breaking the bank.

decorative lamp shade

12. Cover a wall with plates

Looking for some interesting wall hangings to fill your space? Look no further than your local thrift store or go garage sale shopping. Vintage plates and serving trays make ideal decorative pieces. Look for colors and designs that complement your room’s design scheme and you have an easy way to add some personality to a bare wall. Even better, if you have some sentimental plates that are currently tucked away in a box or in a cabinet, this is a great way to show them off to the world.

Cover a wall with platesFrom: room.sojencellars.com

13. Create wall art using area rugs

Hanging patterned area rugs is an economical way to create eye-catching wall art. The bold designs found on many area rugs will instantly turn it into the accent piece of any room. And as an additional plus, you won’t need to worry about getting it framed!
Create Wall Art

14. Create a key and wallet cabinet

Do you have a kitchen cupboard you’re not using? Transform it into a shallow key and wallet cabinet complete with hooks and pockets to help make a home for commonly misplaced items.

Key Cabinet

15. Transform an Old Table with Decoupage

Instead of buying furniture that already comes pre-designed, customize your boring second-hand table by creating a stunning decoupage tabletop design. Paste cut-out objects out of magazines, old fabric or even colorful tissue paper and you’ll have a unique table design that will create an instant focal point for your room. Using old maps also make for a great conversation piece. Just make sure you cover the surface with several layers of varnish or lacquer to give depth to the finished product and make the patterns appear more natural.

Transform an Old Table with DecoupageFrom: makezine.com