10 Home Renovation Jobs Not to Do Yourself

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: May 6, 2016
Last Update: March 9, 2023
Sweat equity can easily be built into your home when you pick the right jobs to tackle yourself. What is difficult; however is to determine which jobs may be out of the realm of your expertise or time constraints. Knowing your limitations is imperative, so you know when it is advisable to call a professional in. If you attempt a complicated home renovation yourself you could sometimes devalue your home, hurt yourself and even cause expensive damage.

1. Install Windows

This job is one you do not want to tackle as it deals with getting a good seal from the elements. If windows are not installed properly it could be structurally dangerous, draughty or could cause leaks, which inevitably lead to mold.Install Windows

2. Plumbing a bathroom

While fixing a leaky faucet may be within your wheelhouse actually plumbing or re-plumbing a room or multiple rooms is best left to the professionals as they have codes and standards to adhere to. The last thing you want is an unexpected leak or pipe bursting.Plumbing a bathroom

3. Mudding and Taping

While the difficulty of mudding and taping drywall is not difficult, what is difficult is taking the time and doing the job better than someone who has a lot of experience with this task. A professional will complete this job quickly and effortlessly.Mudding and Taping

4. Electrical

This one should be self-explanatory, but we have all seen the mess of a wires of a self-proclaimed handy-man. Not only will a professional do the job to regulations they will give you peace of mind that your breaker box is not overloaded and there is no risk of electrocution or fire.Electrical

5. Refinishing hardwood floors

If you are trying to perk up old hardwood then refinishing is the way to go. Although you can rent the equipment it is best to let the professional do the work so that floors are sanded evenly. The equipment is heavy and it is hard to get that new wood floor look without finesse.Refinishing hardwood floors

6. Redoing Kitchen

Putting together cabinets is a task you can likely do yourself and so this in theory is a job you could tackle, however the kitchen is a very well used room in the house and the reason you would want the experts in is to disrupt the household for the shortest amount of time possible.Redoing Kitchen

7. Running Natural Gas

It should go without saying, but working with Natural gas without a licence is not advisable. Hire a professional and make sure your outside gas line is run correctly and safely.Running Natural Gas

8. Knocking out a Wall

We have all watched design shows where they make a home into an open-concept masterpiece. However, what those shows do not tend to highlight is that a structural engineer is consulted, as it needs to be assessed if a wall is a lode bearing or structural wall.Knocking out a Wall

9. Roof

A roof is best done by professionals as it takes skill and expertise to work with heights safely and quickly. Hauling shingles up to a roof alone, is a task most people would find difficult.Roof

10. HVAC

This acronym stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It’s important to get someone who knows what they are doing to perform maintenance and repair to these systems in the home as the air quality in the home depends on this and there are lots of hazards that they are trained to be mindful of.HVAC