A home’s yard often goes unnoticed and ends up neglected. It can even become a wasted part of the property. Because this is a great space for everything from relaxing to entertaining, it is important to make the most of your yard.


Discover The Right Way To Make the Most of Your Yard

While everyone has different dimensions and different layouts, there are some tried and true concepts that can really help to expand the area and create an inviting atmosphere. Don’t just assume that a small yard means there are no possibilities. It is possible to transform your backyard dreams into a reality.


Go Dark

Inside a home, most people avoid dark colors because of their tendency to make a room look small. In the backyard, the opposite is true. Walls and fences that are painted in dark colors can actually make it look like the space is larger. It also ensures that the plants and colors really stand out and pop against the background. Don’t be afraid to use dark outdoor furniture as well.make the most of your yard by using dark backyard furniture


Use Vines and Espaliers

If there isn’t a lot of square footage to plant trees and other bushes, consider going vertical to make the most of your yard. Vines climb up and over walls, creating the look of a lush garden without taking up as much room. Espaliers are beautiful trees or shrubs that are will grow flat against a surface like lattice. These types of plants give the look of a lush space and don’t require a lot of ground. It is important to note that while some plants are more apt to climb up a surface, it will still take some work to get them started in the right direction.

backyard vines



Utilize Smart Storage

If a backyard is small, it can be tough to try and fit everything in. Think about creative ways to add storage without adding anything new to the area. Look for ways to use benches, chairs and tables as extra storage. Cushions can be tucked inside and protected from the sun and other weather elements when not in use. Today, lots of outdoor furniture comes with these unique storage features.

seating storage

patio storage bench plans



Add Some Structure

A long, flat area isn’t going to be very exciting. In order to make the most of your yard, consider adding some structure. A pergola or awning can make the area look multidimensional and still offer a functional component. Using thin pieces of wood as a base also ensures that the space remains open looking. Adding this type of shade makes the yard look better and also makes it more comfortable to spend time outside. These structures are perfect for putting your outdoor furniture beneath.adding a pergola


Keep the Lines and Colors Simple

It can be tempting to bring in a lot of different colors to create a splash of hue in the backyard. But this can take away from the look of the area and even cause it to look smaller than it really is. Instead, look for ways to use lines to extend the look of the ground. At the same time, pick a couple of colors and stick with them as you look to furnish the yard or add accessories.Using simple colors in the backyard


Create a Focal Point

Head outside and take a look around the space. Where does your eye immediately go? If there is nothing to catch your attention, you need a focal point. It can be a large plant, a row of containers or even one large container set in the middle. Either way, use other items in the yard to draw the eye to the focal point. This makes the yard look well thought out. Ideally, it helps to make focal points in the different directions when creating the perfect aesthetic.creating a focal point in your backyard


Separate Spaces

Many people think that when you break up a space, you actually make it look smaller. In reality, smaller yards can really benefit from separate spaces. Create one area just for relaxing. Set aside another place for entertaining. By creating different areas within the yard, it can actually give the illusion of a bigger space. Use things like plants or bushes to create the separation and enhance the look. Changing up the flooring is another great way to make it look like there are separate spaces within the backyard.seperate backyard spaces



Hide Something

As you look to create different spaces within the yard, think about taking one area of the yard and hiding it behind bushes, small trees or tall flowers. As you make your way around these items and over to the entryway, it gives the yard a sense of mystery and also adds to its look and feel. Some people use plants to hide an area perfect for a hot tub; these plants also provide an added layer of privacy to help make the most of your yard.hidden hot tub


Use the Side Yard

The poor side yard never gets the attention it deserves. Many people ignore this area and just leave it in a state of dull lifelessness. Instead, create a pathway that invites people into the yard. Even if the side yard is narrow, use small shrubs or plants along the edges to encourage people to move into the rest of the yard. Make sure that a seating area is visible from this part of the yard to connect the side yard with the rest of the space.side yard design



Build a Deck

Building a deck is another one of the ways to make the most of your yard that doesn’t seem to make sense at first. Why add a deck to an already confined location? But when plants surround the edges of the deck and containers are scattered over the deck, it creates a solid, comfortable place to enjoy without giving up the look of a lush yard. Remember the idea to separate spaces? Use the decking laid out in different directions to create a distinction.backyard deck design