It’s the room that dreams are made of for the man of the house. A perfect Man cave is a place for relaxing and pursuing hobbies unfettered by too much design and décor.  The elements that make the Man cave will ultimately be decided by the personality of the man of the house. Here are some ideas to start with, but each man will likely be unique and the space will be a reflection of that.


1. Movie-signs or posters

Nice framed movie posters of any favorite movies create a home theatre environment and are a great way to define the space as an entertaining den.Movie-signs or posters


2. Sports memorabilia

Find a way to proudly display any sports memorabilia that the man of the home collects or decorate to celebrate a favorite sports team. Think display cases for signed baseballs or framed hockey jerseys.Sports memorabilia


3. Bar area

Having a fully stocked bar area with stools is a great place to congregate and will come in handy when entertaining for sports or games nights.Bar area


4. Entertainment area

This will be the gathering spot and may include a large TV or TV’s for sporting events or movies. Of course, no entertainment area is complete without a good sound system to provide surround sound and perhaps a gaming system or two.Entertainment area


5. Hobbies

Incorporate any hobbies into the space by proudly displaying equipment, artwork, books or ornaments. Think fishing rods, pictures or large catches or fish sculptures, guitars mounted on the wall, model cars, motorcycles or automotive themed décor.Hobbies


6. Comfortable seating

While it seems common sense that seating should be comfortable for the Man cave, it is a practical piece of advice as a lot of time will be spent there are one would want to be comfortable when relaxing with friends or family. Think comfy and casual sofas or leather reclining chairs.Comfortable seating


7. Games Area

No Man cave is complete without a games area. Include such games as: poker table, dart board, pool table, arcade machines or foosball table. The more games the better is the general rule.Games Area


8. Masculine colour-scheme

Dark woods and palettes will be the basis for the space. The space will likely not include any of the touches you would expect in the rest of the home like accent colours, throw pillows or draperies. This is a simple space where a man can spend his time pursuing the simple pleasures.Masculine colour-scheme


9. Record/Music collection

If the man of the house enjoys music then the Man cave is a perfect place to have an area to store and listen to music or records.RecordMusic collection


10. Natural elements

Décor will typically be masculine and will include elements of the outdoors or nature such as: reclaimed wood, stone feature walls, furs or taxidermy.Natural elements