Nothing is worse than spending a nice day indoors working on a timely home repair when you would much rather be outside doing something else on your day off. Not every home repair has to be extensive though, in fact, some repairs are relatively quick and easy and will keep your home looking and feeling loved, so that you can focus on enjoying it.

1. Oil squeaky doors

You may not notice squeaky doors after a while, but it is a quick job to spray a little WD40 in the hinge. This is a job that takes less than 5 minutes and shows your house a little TLC.Oil squeaky doors

2. Change light bulbs

Go through the house and check if any light-bulbs are burnt out. You’d be surprised how easy it is to miss when one burns out. It’s as easy as getting out a step ladder switching them out. The benefit is that good lighting in your house makes it look more inviting.Change light bulbs

3. Scuffed Furniture

Over time it’s inevitable that your furniture will get a little banged up. You can easily buy a package of touch-up furniture markers and touch up all the little marks and scratches. It seems like a small task, but it will make your furniture look pristine without much effort.Scuffed Furniture

4. Worn Sofas

Your sofas will definitely show age over time as you sit in them. A quick trip to a big box store can buy you batting that will help plump up any depressions or lumpiness. It is a quick job to reinvigorate a well-used sofa in the family room or basement and it is an inexpensive job too.Worn Sofas

5. Dried Caulk

The caulking in your bathroom and along trim can dry out with time. Remove your existing caulk with adhesive remover and re-caulk. This is a quick job that you can do room by room and will make any room that are freshly caulked look fresh and clean.Dried Caulk

6. Stained Grout

Grout attracts dirt in heavy traffic areas. Pre-soak grout with a grout cleaner and scrub away the grime easily. The impact of freshly cleaned grout on a home will make people ask if you got new flooring.Stained Grout

7. Scratches in Wood Floors

Similar to touching up furniture you can either take a touch-up pen to scratches or a wax pen and this will make a scratch much less noticeable to the naked eye. If over time this fix doesn’t do the trick anymore and scratches are more apparent, then it is likely time to call in the professionals to refinish the floors.Scratches in Wood Floors

8. Sliding door is too heavy to move

Sliding doors get heavy when they are clogged with dirt and debris. All that is required to bring it back to life is: take the door out, clean off the wheels, lubricate them and clear out any debris that may be jamming it.Sliding door is too heavy to move

9. Screen door is Ripped

If dogs or children ran into the screen door rendering it ineffective from keeping the bugs out, then it’s time to consider going to the hardware store and buying some new meshing to replace the existing mesh with simply measure and install. This is a quick and easy fix.Screen door is Ripped

10. Gate in Backyard Won’t Open/Close

Typically gates will warp or twist with the change in seasons. First take a screwdriver and tighten any hinges as this may solve the problem, otherwise you may need to fill any space and move the latch if it needs leveling.Gate in Backyard Won’t OpenClose