The sun is a renewable natural resource that has the potential to power your home for a fraction of the cost. Due to the fact that the sun is a ubiquitous resource many people are using the high average hours of sunlight in their area to their advantage. Here are some reasons to consider adding solar panels to your home or property.


1. Easier Installation

Solar panels are now easier than ever to have installed. For an average number of panels it takes only one to three days to get installed and up and running.Easier Installation


2. Silent

Modern solar energy has no moving parts and is virtually silent, which means it will not affect your ability to enjoy your property when comparing it to other green energy such as a wind turbines.Silent


3. Income

If your solar panels are connected to the grid and produce more energy than you consume in your home you may be able to receive payment or a credit from the hydro company in your area.Income


4. Energy Savings

Not having to pay to heat can save some families a lot of money in monthly bills. Over time the solar panels pay themselves off and then start saving you.Energy Savings


 5. Low Maintenance

There is not much required to maintaining solar panels, with the exception of the occasional cleaning so that optimal solar energy is converted. The panels are also usually covered by long-term warranties too, in case any other issues crop up. Low Maintenance


6. Environmentally Conscious

Solar energy has the ability to cut down on carbon emissions as it does not cause pollution. There is a carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, however this is negligible.Environmentally Conscious


7. Sustainable

Due to abundance, our use of solar energy will not compromise the ability of future generations use for it, since it is renewable. The earth receives more solar energy that our population could consume if everyone were to have solar panels. Sustainable


8. Great for Remote Living

For people looking to live off the grid, solar energy can provide the electricity needed to make otherwise inhabitable areas have basic necessities.Great for Remote Living


9. Low Running Costs

The costs associated with running solar are only about 5% of the income it produces annually. The costs are typically cleaning or maintenance of the wires to avoid corrosion.Low Running Costs


10. More affordable

With improvements to production and with increased production due to demand the economies of scale have made purchasing solar panels more affordable than ever.More affordable