Dogs make wonderful pets.  They’re kind, loving, and are always happy to see you when you get home.  In fact, a dog is something that no home should be without.  That’s right, I’m team dog for life!  Here’s why:


1. Dogs are Good for Your Health

Spending some time simply petting and talking to your dog daily is associated with lower blood pressure and that means a lower risk for a variety of different illnesses.  Plus, kids who grow up in dog-owning families are less likely to develop eczema and pet allergies.

good health


2. Dogs Encourage Activity

Dogs require daily exercise - and you do too!  Since dog owners are responsible for ensuring their pets get daily long walks and trips to the park, it’s only natural that they’re more active than their non dog-owning counterparts.

encourage activity


3. Dogs are Protectors

A dog’s strong sense of hearing, coupled with an innate ability to sense anything suspicious means our beloved pets can also be a reliable alarm system.  While certain breeds, like German Shepherds and Rottweilers are natural watch dogs, all dogs are capable of alerting their families to odd behaviour.protector


4. Dogs Decrease Stress

Bringing your dog to work can actually make your day less stressful.  More and more offices are becoming pup-friendly, likely because their presence can actually benefit employees.  Studies show that people who bring their furry friends to work experience less stress during the workday.



5. Dogs Make Us More Social

From dog parks to puppy playdates, your dog requires a busy social calendar that involves both dogs and humans.  That means you’ll be socializing, too.  Simple things like going for a walk around your neighbourhood become much more social when you bring a dog along, as people are more inclined to stop and chat when you’re with an adorable


6. Dogs (Probably) Won’t Eat Your Kids Homework

In fact, kids who have a furry friend at home have better attendance at school than those without.  That’s all down to better overall health and less sickness thanks to having a pup at home.  Now if only a dog could help with homework…homework


7. Dogs are Never Boring

When you have a dog, there’s always something to do - whether it be a trip to the park, learning a new trick, or a cruise around the neighbourhood.  It’s fun for the dog - and you too - as you explore your surroundings and find new ways to spend time together.boring


8. Dogs Make You Happy

Just half an hour with a furry friend will instantly put a smile on your face.  Playing with a dog increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, which ultimately leaves you feeling calmer and happier.happy


9. Dogs Make You Better

Having a dog is a big commitment - one that involves responsibility, patience, and selflessness.  And who couldn’t benefit from a little more of all of those things?  Children and adults benefit from caring for a dog, in ways that make us better all-around people.better


10. Dog is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are intelligent creatures with a strong sense of loyalty to their humans.  Your dog can actually sense your body language, emotions, and feelings - and that paves the way for an unbreakable friend