If reading through interior decorating magazines has taught us anything, it is that there are some key touches that elevate your home from just being furnished to being classy and sophisticated. If you try to incorporate some of the décor items from the design pros you will be sure to wow anyone who steps over the threshold of your home with your good taste. Keep in mind sophistication does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money, but investing in some key pieces will dress up your home without having to hire an interior designer or worry about costly fads and trends.

Floor Length Curtains

Installing floor length curtains will make any room and windows seem larger and it will make the room look dressed up.Floor Length Curtains

Large Vases

Buying a large vase and decorating with sticks or an arrangement, either artificial or real, is something you can put in your homes entry-way to really impress people as they enter your home. Over-sized vases have a presence and do not go out of style.Large Vases

Side Tables

Adding an interesting side table in a sitting area brings visual appeal and from a home decorating standpoint will anchor a room nicely.Side Tables


We all know lighting is a great way to dress up a room and make it inviting, but also picking upgraded lighting and adding custom lights in all the corners of your home will make it appear more refined.ChandeliersLanternsSconces

Exotic Plants/Flowers

Incorporating exotic and interesting plants and flowers such as bonsai or orchids is a sure-fire way to stimulate your appreciation of botany and will be a sure-fire conversation starter for anyone entering your home. These plants and flowers take lots of love and care to cultivate and thrive and people respect and appreciate that.Exotic PlantsFlowers

Luxurious Towels/Linens

Replacing outdated or worn towels with fresh white fluffy towels, especially in guest bathrooms will elevate the space. With linens a new set of high thread-count sheets in the guest room will go a long way to making your guest feel welcome.Luxurious TowelsLinens

Foreign Ornaments

Consider displaying ornaments you may have bought on your travels. Sculptures or artisanal works from travels around the world are pieces of interest that should be proudly displayed. It is also interesting to others to hear about the travel story that accompanies these art pieces and they can’t be easily duplicated.Foreign Ornaments

Water Feature

Adding a small water feature to the interior or courtyard of your home is both relaxing and also visually interesting.Water Feature

Coffee Table Books

Placing a book or two out on display can highlight your interests and inspire great conversation over coffee. Consider displaying books on: photography, art, fashion or biography.Coffee Table Books


While we live in a digital world and may not need an old-fashioned physical clock, having one prominently displayed on your wall is great from an interior design perspective and becomes a focal point, as the choice of clock can be a way to express your personality.Clock