With warmer weather comes the need to get a fresh start at home. Most families have a routine for spring cleaning in and around the home. Here are some of the essential jobs to include in your spring cleaning regiment to get your home ultra clean.


1. Clean Windows and Dry clean Drapes

Clean inside all of the windows and if you can clean the outside too.  Also sending the drapes away to be dry- cleaned will get rid of any dust that is lingering around the windows. These two activities will brighten the home and let the lovely sunshine pour into your home.Clean Windows and Dry clean Drapes


2. Test Smoke Detectors

Use your annual spring clean session to test all of the smoke detectors in the home and replace batteries, if necessary. This should be done every 6 months. Also, install a carbon monoxide detector if your home does not have one and check that fire extinguishers are in good working order.Test Smoke Detectors


3. Change furnace filter and check Dryer vent

After you finish your cleaning ensure that you change your furnace filter. It’s also a good time to check the dryer vent to make sure it is not clogged, which could be a fire hazard.Change furnace filter and check Dryer vent


4. Clean out Fridge

Empty everything out of the fridge and give it a good wash with warm soap and water and then put everything back in nicely. This job should also mean that you throw out any questionable or expired foods.Clean out Fridge


5. Wash walls

Taking warm soap and water and wash down the walls in each room with a sponge is a good way to clean up any marks, spills and remove any dust that may have settled there over the winter season.Wash walls


6. Clean behind Appliances

Pull out major appliances like the stove and fridge and sweep and wash the floors. Grime and food can easily hide behind and under these appliances. Make sure to have a helper as these appliances can be heavy and cumbersome to move alone.Clean behind Appliances


7. Roll up Rugs and Send for Cleaning

Roll up any area rugs and clean the floor underneath them. Send the rugs to be professionally cleaned or rent an upholstery cleaner from your grocery store and clean yourself.Roll up Rugs and Send for Cleaning


8. Open Windows

Clear all of the stale air out by opening all the windows in the house. You should be able to get a nice cross breeze, which will keep you from getting too hot while you work away. This is also a good time clean out the window wells too as dirt and dust can accumulate on the ledges. The same goes for window screens.Open Windows


9. Clean Out Closet

Go through your closet and organize it if necessary as well as purge any items for donation. If you keep a summer and winter closet you may want to get out the summer clothing items and launder them ready for the warmer weather.Clean Out Closet


10. Wash Floors and Clean Grout

Wash all the floors in your home with disinfectant and clean any grout, if you have tiled floors or tiles in your shower.Wash Floors and Clean Grout