If you’re considering new, creative ways to update your deck, look no further!  Click next and see 10 stunning deck railing designs.


1. Updated Lattice

Lattice is one of the most common deck railings for good reason: it gives you some privacy, while also creating visual interest.  But if you’re hoping your deck will break with tradition, try a unique, updated version that compliments the style of your deck. Updated Lattice


2. Pops of Color

Adding a little color to your deck railings adds style – and a focal point – to your outdoor space.  A pop of color can be a twist on the traditional deck.  Choosing a shade to compliment your patio furniture is the perfect way to really tie everything together.Pops of Color


3. Mixed Materials

Simply mixing and matching the materials you choose can create a lot of visual interest when it comes to your deck railing.  In this case, the simple, metal rods and stone columns add a material compliment to a traditional wooden deck.Mixed Materials


4. Wavy Lines

Using wavy lines instead of straight ones for your deck railing gives your patio a different look.  The flowing lines create a greater sense of movement and interest, which will set your deck apart from the others in your neighborhood.Wavy Lines


5. Long Lines

You’ll need to pay attention to your city’s building codes when you’re determining the placement of your deck.  However, when it comes to the railings, you’ll have a chance to show off a little creativity.  Thinner, horizontal railings are a great way to add a little style to a conventional deck.Wavy Lines


6. Twigs or Logs

Perfect for a cottage, lodge, or rustic home, using twigs or logs to create your deck railing allows you to produce a natural look that blends in with your surroundings.  You’ll need to be sure that you’re working with someone with a little artistic flair for this look, but done right, it can turn your deck into a show-stopper.Twigs or Logs



7. Stunning Solids

Long gone are the days when deck railings followed a traditional design.  Your home is as unique as you are – and the design possibilities are endless.  If you’re looking for a more contemporary railing design, consider using solid pieces of thick, break-resistant glass.  It’ll let in light, while also providing a little added privacy.Stunning Solids



8. Flower Power

Flower boxes are the perfect way to naturally add a little color to your deck railings.  Plus, you can change them every year so that your outdoor space always looks a little different.  Experiment with different plants and color combinations until you have your deck looking just as you want it.Flower Power


9. Magnificent Monochromatic

A monochromatic deck and railing means that you can really let your patio furniture shine.  If you have a colorful patio set, keeping your railings a soft, monochromatic shade will help them blend into the background rather than take center stage.  In this case, your patio furniture will be your focal point.Magnificent Monochromatic


10. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel deck railings are a sturdy, sensible option that doesn’t compromise on style.  In fact, it has the potential to really compliment the look of your deck depending on the type that you choose.  Bonus: It’s often easier to care for than wood, which can require regular staining and weather protection.Stainless Steel