There’s no place like home for the holidays.  Especially when there’s time for a little Christmas crafting.  These stylish holiday centerpieces are easy to make yourself - and will give your table a good dose of Christmas cheer.


1. The Rustic Holiday Centerpiece

Who says you have to deck your halls with red and green to be festive?  This beautiful holiday centerpiece uses natural brown, green, and white shades - and offers up plenty of textures without taking away from your existing dining room decor.  Add some Christmas greenery to the bottom of a hurricane candle, wrap the outer glass with a thin strip of burlap, and tie with a string. The Rustic Holiday Centerpiece


2. The Cranberry Floral Centerpiece

Ocean Front Shack managed to make this beautiful holiday centerpiece for just $5.  It’s definitely worth every penny!  Fill a glass vase with cranberries, and add water to keep them fresh.  Trim the stems of your hydrangeas so they’re a little shorter than the vases, and you’re all set! The Cranberry Floral Centerpiece


3. The Glass Jar Centerpiece

Pinecones, ornaments, and faux-berries make up this simple Christmas centerpiece.  Simply find a glass vase at your local dollar store, or use one that you already have at home.  Fill with some festive baubles, and you’re ready for your holiday entertaining.  [BonBon Rose Girls]The Glass Jar Centerpiece


4. The Hanging Centerpiece

We’re used to seeing ornaments hung from a Christmas tree.  But over the dining room table?  That makes for one stylish holiday centerpiece.  Plus, it’s super easy to create yourself in just a few minutes.  Find some ornaments that match your decor, add some ribbon, and you’re ready to secure your centerpiece.  Hang directly from the ceiling, or from a chandelier that’s already over your dining room table.The Hanging Centerpiece


5. The Edible Centerpiece

This good-looking centerpiece doubles as dessert!  After baking and cooling your cookies, use green icing to assemble your tree.  Use an icing tube to pipe zig zags on the tip of each cookie, and attach your favorite candies as decorations.  Let your tree set over night. [Michaels]

The Edible Centerpiece


6. The Mason Jar Centerpiece

These pretty Mason jar displays will work well as a centerpiece, or to add a little Christmas spirit to a shelf, or windowsill.  According to Yellow Bliss Road, the tags were printed on cardstock, and then coffee-stained to give it an off color.  The branches can be easily found on a nature walk this time of year, and we’re willing to bet that sugar makes for some good snow.The Mason Jar Centerpiece


7. The Treat Tower Centerpiece

Red, green, and white are this season’s most festive colors - and there are plenty of wrapped candy options that take on the Christmas theme.  That makes putting together this treat tower centerpiece incredibly easy!  Simply separate your candy into color-coded stripes as you fill up your glass vase.  A bow around the center adds the perfect finishing touch.  (Bonus: the treat tower doubles as a great hostess gift!) [Good Housekeeping]The Treat Tower Centerpiece


8. The Santa-Inspired Centerpiece

Perfect for a holiday party, this cheerful Santa-inspired centerpiece will have your guests feeling like kids again.  Modern and easy to make, this centerpiece uses small glass vases, candy canes, and red and white covered cones to create the santa hats.  Best of all, your friends and family can each take a candy cane or two for the road!Style: "70's look"


9. The Christmas-Tree Centerpiece

Adorable, festive, and easy to make yourself, Christmas bulb trees make wonderful holiday centerpieces.  If you’re able to find a free afternoon in the lead up to the holidays, purchasing the materials to make your own shining tree for your table ensures that it matches your Christmas decor.  View the tutorial on Info Barrel.The Christmas-Tree Centerpiece


10. The Party-Ready Centerpiece

Between the meal, the guests, and the fancy table settings, there is already a lot going on at the table to set the stage for your Christmas dinner.  Rather than going all out on an equally fancy centerpiece, keep it simple using ice cream bowls and plain colored ornaments.  The balls fit nicely in the glasses, and compliment a Christmas dinner favorite - poppers!The Party-Ready Centerpiece