It’s nice to just enjoy the time and company of house guests without having to worry about the little details. With some planning and preparedness hosting can become easy and effortless and leave a lasting impression on those friends and family members you have stay over, whether it’s just for the weekend or for a week or more.


1. Basket with towels

Have a nice basket with fluffy towels in the room for your guests upon arrival. This invites your house guests to wash-up whenever it’s convenient for them.Basket with towels


2. Toiletries kit

Create a little personalized care kit for your guests with fresh soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner and anything else you want to make available to them in case they have forgotten to pack any essentialsToiletries kit


3. Declutter

Make a quick sweep of your house and put away any non-essentials. This could mean tackling that big pile of mail you’ve left out on the counter, recycling those flyers you’ve been meaning to get to or cleaning up any strewn children’s or pet toys around the house.Declutter


4. Clean

Air out the guest room and wash the sheets they will be sleeping on. Do a smell-test and ask yourself does the house smell fresh and clean; if the answer is no light candles, put out a new air freshener or use scented cleaning products for floor cleaning or carpet deodorizing.clean


5. Put out reading material

Arrange a small pile of magazines on the guests bedroom or make available some classic books. The trick to putting out reading materials for your guests is to encompass a variety of different interests and mediums.Put out reading material


6. Fresh flowers

Buy a large bunch of flowers for the house and separate them out to 2 or 3 smaller bouquets. Put a bouquet on the kitchen island, another in the guests bedroom and a third can be a nice pick-me-up for the guest bathroom. Keep the bouquets simple like a bunch of colourful tulips. Flowers bring a beauty and fragrance to your home which makes is feel more inviting.Fresh flowers


7. Stock guests preferred drinks

If you do not yet know what your guests preferred beverages are send them a quick email, text or call them to quickly ask them what kinds of drinks they like. Then make sure you stock up on the beverages and put a healthy supply in your fridge. This is a small gesture that makes your guest feel at home and feel valued.Stock guests preferred drinks


8. Make room

Clear a little space for your guests belongings. This could mean clearing some hangers in the coat closet, making space in shoe racks and even cleaning out a drawer in the guest bedroom or some room in the closet (if your clothes have creeped into those coveted storage spaces).Make room


9. Anticipate your Guests Needs

Place an extra blanket at the end of the bed in the winter or place a drinking glass by their bedside.Anticipate your Guests Needs


10. Show them

This may seem like common sense, but show your guest to their room and quickly demonstrate how your shower works or where you might keep items they might want access to during their stay.Show them