Most of us believe that our homes are fairly clean.  But in reality, we’re probably living with a lot more germs than we think.  In fact, it’s likely that these household items never get cleaned, allowing dirt and bacteria to spread throughout your home.  Click “Next” to see 10 things you probably don’t clean, but should - you’ll want to add these to your cleaning rotation, stat!


1. Your Hairbrush

Cleaning your hairbrush involves more than just removing all of that excess hair.  To really get it clean, your hairbrush needs to be soaked in warm water with some shampoo.   your hair burush


2. Your Toothbrush

Yes, you should change your toothbrush every few months, but in between, your toothbrush will benefit from a nice long vinegar soak - especially if you’re recovering from a cold or the flu.  While you’re at it, have you noticed your toothbrush holder recently?  Yeah, that probably needs a good scrub, too.   your toothbrush


3. Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is one of the germiest things in your home - and most people have never cleaned it!  Use a mild, all-purpose cleaning wipe to remove germs and wipe your phone clean with a microfiber cloth. your cell phone


4. Your TV Remote

Your television remote is touched every day - and cleaned, well, never.  That’s the perfect recipe for a buildup of germs and bacteria.  A microfiber cloth and a toothbrush can help get your television remote spick and span.  However, be sure to remove the batteries first, and never spray anything directly onto it. Tour tv remote


5. Your Door Locks

Think of how often you touch the deadbolt lock on your door.  Now think of the last time you cleaned it.  Yeah, that’s pretty gross.  Take some time to wipe your locks with an antibacterial cloth to remove germs.  While you’re at it, give your door handles a good scrub, too.


6. Your House Plants

Houseplants are great at helping to clean the air in your home.  They’re also pretty adept and collecting dust, turning them into a potential breeding ground for bugs.  Keep them clean by giving the leaves a good spray with water and a light scrub with a damp cloth.  Put them in the sun to dry.  houseplants


7. Your Loofah

Hanging in a damp shower, your loofah is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria - and we’re willing to bet, it doesn’t get cleaned nearly as often as it should.  Keep your loofah clean by soaking it in vinegar for at least five minutes once a week.  Remove excess water and hang to dry. loofa


8. Your Ear Buds

Most people don’t clean their ear buds regularly, and that can lead to painful ear infections.  But even without an infection, let’s face it, your ear buds could probably use a good clean.  That can be difficult however, because electronics and water don’t mix.  Luckily, Pop Sugar has some tips for getting your ear buds spick and span. earbuds


9. Your Dish Rack

If your dish rack gets plenty of use, it may begin to look a little worse for wear.  But a little mildew doesn’t mean you need an entirely new dishrack - just that yours needs a good clean.  A bleach dilution will help to get rid of any mildew or slime and ensure that your dishes really are clean and ready to use. your dish rack


10. Your Baby’s Bath Toys

If your baby’s bath toys don’t dry completely after each bath, they might grow mold.  However, a soak in vinegar can help keep them squeaky clean!  Of course, you’ll want to let the toys dry completely, and give them a good rinse before giving them back to your little one.

your baby's bath toys