Summer is just around the corner and you are likely already dreaming about escaping into your outdoor oasis. Express yourself with your outdoor furniture the same as you would for your indoor space and get creative. Creating the perfect space to enjoy the summer weather is all in the planning.


1. Material

Consider the appropriate material for where you will be using your furniture. Types of materials are: wrought iron, wicker, wood and plastic. There are pros and cons to each type of material such as durability, cost, and maintenance so make sure you make the right choice for your circumstance.Material


2. Provide shade

Consider a gazebo or umbrella to provide shade to protect yourself and also your furniture from the elements. The goal is to provide shade, while not obstructing views.Provide shade


3. Function

Function is just as important outdoors as it is indoors. What will you be using the furniture for? Are you buying a patio set for dinners outdoors or a conversational seating area for lounging with family? If you need multiple functions then consider purchasing a dining set and a seating set.Function


4. Accessorize

Purchase cushions, outdoor rugs, trays, art, lighting and plants that will dress up your furniture and make your outdoor space cozy and inviting. These finishing touches can be changed as trends change.Accessorize


5. Color

As with any purchase if you select neutral tones you will not need to replace furniture in the near future. You can always express your creative side or participate in trends in fashion through the small details or with the landscaping itself.Color


6. Comfort

Pick furniture with comfort in mind as you will get the most use out of patio furniture that is comfortable. Think of plush cushions and deep-seating.Comfort


7. Maintenance

When selecting furniture think of buying pieces that are easy to clean and take care of. Otherwise, you will want to invest in re-staining furniture or painting your patio furniture every few years.Maintenance


8. Storage

Consider where you will be storing your furniture in the off-season, if you have one. You can add years to the life of your patio furniture when you store it appropriately.Storage


9. Multi-function

Adding multi-function pieces allows you to maximize function without having to purchase too much furniture. Consider a bench seat, which also functions as an ottoman for storage of outdoor cushions.Multi-function


10. Style

Think of your deck or patio as another living space and bring your personality out in it. Having focal points that draw you into the outdoor space will keep it interesting and inviting.Style