Flowers can be the best pick-me-up to your day and are a wonderful way to inject some colour and vitality into your home. When picking up the perfect bouquet and arranging them, there are some things you will want to keep in mind so that you best showcase your blooms. It’s no surprise that flower arranging is considered an art form in some countries, as the care that goes into arranging your flowers can make even the most modest grocery store bouquet look like something magnificent.


1. Pick the right size vase

When selecting your vase ensure it is proportional to the size of the bouquet of flowers. It is a good idea to have several size vases on hand to begin with so that you have options.Pick the right size vase


2. Cut the ends

Use a sharp pair of scissors or shears to freshly cut the stems so that the flowers will be able to soak up water easily.Cut the ends


3. Water Temperature

If you use warm water it will help to open any closed buds as the water is more easily carried up the stem when it is warm.Water Temperature


4. Remove leaves

Strip off any leaves that will be submersed in water as they will rot and make the water smell. Removing leaves also makes the main focal point of the arrangement the flowers themselves.Remove leaves


5. Add large flowers first

Place the largest flowers in the centre of the arrangement and then the smaller accent flowers. Make sure you keep turning the vase as you add flowers to allow for an even arrangementAdd large flowers first


6. Placement

Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight or away from heat source as direct sunlight and high temperatures could cause your blooms to wilt prematurely.Placement


7. Proportions

Ensure the bouquet is taller than your vase by a ratio of one and a half times the height and also consider the width of the bouquet.  You neither want your bouquet to be too large or too  small.Proportions


8. Colors

Depending on the look that you are going for either pick single colors, complimentary colors or arrange a colorful assortment. Consider symmetry when selecting your scheme and plan it purposefully.Colors


9. Fill in space

Fill in any empty spaces in the vase with stems, greenery or baby’s breath to ensure it fills the vase out nicely, but is not overcrowded and not to detract from the flowers themselves.Fill in space


10. Foam or structure

Cut and soak a piece of flower arranging foam to add to the bottom of the vase. The foam helps to make your arrangement easier to manage and also ensure that flowers are well hydrated.Foam or structure