Over the course of our lifetime we can accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of the stuff is valuable and important to our everyday lives and some stuff just ends up hiding in corners of our home neglected. In an effort to simplify your life, try to tackle decluttering your home once or twice a year or in small increments throughout the year. Simplifying the stuff in your home has an effect on how we feel and it can be really cathartic to free ourselves from the things that hold us back, so we can refocus our energy elsewhere.


1. Give away an Item a Day

Getting started can seem overwhelming so it is best to start somewhere small. With such little commitment as finding one item a day you will feel less intimidated and build momentum.Give away an Item a Day


2. Throw away One Bag of Trash

Give yourself the goal to find one bag full of garbage in your home. We all have things we hold onto just in case or have a junk drawer that is just full of garbage. Allowing yourself permission to throw things away is liberating.Throw away One Bag of Trash


3. File those Loose Papers

Picking up the mail is something we all regularly do, but typically we open and read the mail and then stash it somewhere to look at again and never get around to it. File all of that mail: the bills you’ve paid and the documents you need to keep for your records.File those Loose Papers


4. Fill One Bag of Clothes you Would Consider Donating

Clothes are notoriously hard to get rid of, even if they are out of style or we no longer wear them. All I ask you to do here is fill one bag full of clothes that you are no longer enthusiastic about and put it at the bottom of your closet. If you do not go looking for those items in the next month, then donate the whole bag.Fill One Bag of Clothes you Would Consider Donating


5. Tackle one Cupboard or Drawer a Day

It can seems like a daunting task to reorganize your kitchen or bathroom, but if you break it down into manageable pieces then it does not become a chore and it does not take up that much of your time or energy. Start with one cupboard or drawer a day and in no time your kitchen and bathroom will be organized.Tackle one Cupboard or Drawer a Day



6. Get rid of the miscellaneous

Miscellaneous is simply those items that we hold onto, but we’re not quite sure what it is for. It’s those just in case items. This tends to happen with electronics cords or old cell phones. Live wildly and just toss it if you cannot determine what it is used for.Get rid of the miscellaneous


7. Label and Categorize

For loose odds and ends that you may legitimately want or need to keep, you will have a greater chance of using items if it is clear what they are. Try putting items in freezer bags and labeling them. This is also a good idea to avoid the miscellaneous items from before.Label and Categorize


8. Buy totes

We will always have a need to store memorabilia. Why not buy as many totes as you need and fill them with all the items you want to keep. Totes keep items in good repair and clean and they are stackable.Buy totes


9. Find Items to Sell

Designate a sell pile and either hold a garage sale or sell items on Kijiji and hopefully make some spending money. Someone’s garbage is always somebody else’s treasure.Find Items to Sell


10. Take a Photo

Sometimes we keep items because they remind us of a happy period of our lives, not because we treasure or use the item. Consider taking a picture of the item to preserve the memory and then donating it to someone who will use it.Take a Photo