As the hotter weather of summertime approaches we are all thinking about clever ways to keep cool. If you don’t have a/c or don’t want to have it running non-stop all summer then you’ll need to creative with your cooling techniques. Past generations coped with the oppressive heat and humidity by adopting ingenious solutions and here are some good ways you can do the same:

#1 Hot Water Bottle

No don’t worry, you’re not expected to fill it with boiling water but it can be filled with cold water and placed in the freezer for a few hours. Place it at the foot of your bed, under the covers, to instantly cool down a stuffy bed at night. Alternatively, you can place it under your pillow to keep a cool head while others are losing theirs! When the heat creeps well above the optimum sleeping temperature, making the bedroom and bed as cool as possible will prevent tossing and turning all night in sweaty sheets.#1 Hot water bottle

#2 Ice Fan

You can make your own air conditioning unit with the smart use of a pan of ice and a fan. Pour ice into a bowl or baking tin and place directly in front of a fan. This will create a refreshing ice-cold breeze as the ice melts and give you a lovely cool mist. It might just last long enough to enable you to cool down before you need to get more ice.#2 Ice fan

#3 Right on the Pulse

One of the quickest ways to cool down is by focusing your efforts on the various pulse points around your body. Grab an ice pack and place it on areas such as the inside of the wrist, neck, behind the knees, ankles and the inside of your elbow. There is also a pulse point in your groin area but we advise only putting an ice pack there if nobody is looking! This is a fast way of reducing your body temperature when it gets too hot to handle.#3 Right on the pulse

#4 Need a Cold Shower?

No matter how hot it feels inside your home, a cool shower will instantly revive, refresh and reduce your core body temperature. Don’t have it ice cold but having it barely warm is effective. It’ll feel great washing off all that sweat and it’s a lot nicer slipping between those cool cotton sheets when your clean, fresh and considerably cooler. You’ll sleep better too. A cool shower during the hottest part of the day is also a great idea to keep your core temperature in check.#4 Need a cold shower?

#5 Wet Sheets

This idea is nowhere near as gross as it sounds! Take an unused bed sheet and completely soak it in cold water. Open a window and hang the sheet from the top so it covers the opening. Any breeze coming in through the window will blow through the cold material and cool down the room. It’s also a useful way of blocking out sunlight which adds heat to a room.#5 Wet Sheets

#6 Ban the Oven

Nobody wants to be slaving over a hot oven when they are already at melting point. Turning the oven on to cook is only going to warm up the interior of your home even more so it’s best avoided until it cools down. This gives you the perfect excuse for not cooking anyway! Use the heat as an excuse to eat salads and other cool or room-temperature foods. If you need to cook then use the grill instead and opt for lighter, smaller meals easier to metabolize than hot, stodgy meals.#6 Ban the Oven

#7 Happy Feet

Immersing your feet in a bucket or bowl of cold water brings instant cooling relief. Your toes are ultra-sensitive to temperature due to the many pulse points in the feet and ankles. Keeping a bucket of cold water next to the bed at night means you can have a nice dip when you feel too hot during the night and can’t sleep.#7 Happy Feet

#8 Go Starfish!

If the heat of the day has got you in a dripping mess then lie down and be a starfish! This is the best position for reducing your body temperature as the air is more able to circulate around your skin. Keep your legs and arms away from your body and consider moving lower to the ground for sleeping. If you can sleep on a lower level or in a basement then even better because hot air rises so the lower you are, the cooler you’ll be. If it’s safe to do so, you might even consider pitching a tent and going outside!#8 Go Starfish!

#9 Kept in the Dark

A natural reaction to hot weather is to throw open the blinds and windows and let the sun in. It might feel strange but if you want to come home to a cool house at the end of the day then you need to keep it dark. Keep the blinds down and you avoid overheating your room with all those hot sun rays.#9 Kept in the Dark

#10 Plan Ahead

Be super organised and get your hot weather plan into force for next summer and the one after that and so on!  For long term solutions think about planting trees around your property that will act as handy shade barriers in the future. You could also install an awning over the porch or backyard to further increase protection from the glaring heat of the sun. If you have a slatted ceiling outside or a pergola then consider putting tarp over the top. A moisture-resistant fabric tarp can turn a heat-trapped deck into a shady paradise. Fast-growing wisteria is another great idea to cover a pergola. Not only will it provide shady comfort but also privacy and it looks beautiful too!#10 Plan Ahead