10 Ways to Make Your Basement Bright and Inviting

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: July 4, 2016
Last Update: February 24, 2023
A basement is a great additional space for the family and can have a variety of purposes. However, not all basements are warm and inviting and some are downright cold and creepy. Create continuity from your above ground living space and spend the same care in planning and furnishing your basement space, so that it maximizes the appeal and therefore the desire for the family to get the most use of the space.

1. Pot Lights

Great lighting will ensure there are no dark spaces in the basement and really keep the space bright and inviting.Pot Lights

2. Bigger Windows

If you have a dark basement and want to spend a little extra money to revamp it then opting for larger windows is the way to go. The more natural light you can let into the space the better. If that is not an option consider a glass door to the basement that lets light in from upstairs.Bigger Windows

3. Neutral paint

Keeping the colour palette for the walls neutral is a good idea as you do not want to make the space seem cold and small. If you do want to add in some color opt for a feature wall with something bright.Neutral paint

4. Bright accessories

Incorporating bright accessories like throw pillows, rugs, accent chairs, art and curtains are a great way to liven up your basement space. Bright colors instill a sense of fun and will lift your mood.Bright accessories

5. Open Floor Plan

The trick to keeping a basement airy and bright is to leave space. An open floor plan works best for the space as it makes the space feel larger and does not create any dim or closed off corners or areas.Open Floor Plan

6. Declutter

Basements can be a dumping ground for unloved items. Keep occasional or sentimental items you want to hang onto, but may not need to use often confined to storage areas and put your best foot forward with d├ęcor with continuity from your above-ground living space.Declutter

7. Built-ins

Opt for custom built-in cabinets to create storage space. You will be more prone to stay organized when there is a place to store all of those books and knick-knacks. The great thing about adding built-ins are that you can add lighting to some cupboards to highlight those items you would like to proudly display.Built-ins

8. Floors that reflect Light

Reflective surfaces will work with the pot lights that you installed. Consider a polished wood floor or polished laminate or concrete to create the illusion of more light. Of course you will still want to warm up the floors with area rugs.Floors that reflect Light

9. White Ceilings and window wells

Ensure that your ceilings stay a brilliant white and keep all trim white. The absence of colour will draw your eye to other focal points and prevent boxed-in feelings that some basements, especially ones with low ceilings and small windows give you.White Ceilings and window wells

10. Feature wall

Having a wall behind a fireplace or TV transformed into a feature wall can draw you in. Consider using a natural or neutral colored stone.Feature wall