One of the worst things about home renovations is all the waste that gets left behind. With a little creativity and time, you can give your outdated kitchen cabinets a second life by transforming them into some of these DIY gems.


1. Stylish tray

Dissemble and paint the doors to your former cabinet. Dazzle it up by covering it with patterned vinyl self-adhesive drawer liner or decoupaged scrapbook paper. For some practical flair, attach decorative handles to each end.
Stylish tray


2. Coat Hook

You can also transform an old kitchen cabinet door into a stylish door hanger for your front hallway. Personalize your DIY coat hook by adding a personal message or stylish design and you’ll have all your guests talking!
Coat Hook

3. Stackable Cupboard

Attach your old cabinets on their side to design a stylish storage space for your living room. Distress the cabinets before painting them to create an antique appearance.
Stackable Cupboard

4. Mudroom Bench

Repurpose your old cupboard into a bench/storage cupboard for your shoes and backpacks. The upper cabinets work best for this particular DIY furniture design.
Mudroom Bench

5. Children’s Art Desk

Get creative by transforming a cupboard door into a unique children’s art desk. Here’s an easy tutorial from Ucreate Crafts. When finished, the table will look life a breakfast-in-bed tray, but with a handy lid for your budding Picassos to store all their art supplies.
Children’s Art Desk

6. Chalkboard

Transform a cabinet door into a unique message board by applying chalkboard paint and using a sanding sponge. Snapguide has some great advice on how to make this simple DIY project.

7. Kitchen Island

Transform your old base cabinets with double doors into a stunning island for your kitchen. Just attach a wood board to the top of the cabinet and two wooden pegs for support. In addition to being incredibly inexpensive, this project is also fairly straightforward. Here is a fool-proof tutorial from Instructables.
Kitchen Island

8. Jewelry Organizer

Attach hooks to a refurbished cupboard door and place it prominently on your bedroom dresser as a stylish way to put your bling on display.
Jewelry Organizer

9. Window Seat

Turn your old kitchen cabinets into a comfy place to sit and relax. As a bonus, it also acts as extra storage for your family or living room! You don’t have to be an expert woodworker to build this DIY piece of furniture. Here’s an easy tutorial from DIY Network.
Window Seat

10. Office Desk

Use a set of base cabinets to build a wall-to-wall desk in your office. Use a stained butcher-block for your desk top and you’re good to go! Check out this stylish example from Remodelaholic for some inspiration on how you can turn your aging cupboards into a piece of practical décor!Office Desk