If you are tired with your best room there are some ways to reinvigorate the space without expensive renovations or buying brand new furniture. If you have a large budget those are options, but if your existing furniture and décor is neutral these tips will transform your space completely.

1. Change Cushions

Consider changing the color and texture of cushions on your couch. You can go with a color that works for the season or something bold. Try textures like faux fur or embossed patterns. You’d be surprised what this change can do for your seating area.Change Cushions

2. Hang New Curtains

Keeping in line with the changes to your cushions you will also want a new set of curtains to continue reinventing your space.Hang new Curtains

3. Replace Accessories

You likely already have some décor on your coffee table. Consider completely changing what you have on it and start fresh with a new theme or a current trend. Buy a tray and put some new greenery or candles on it.Replace accessories

4. Clean couches or Re-stuff

Your couch is likely not brand new and over time wear from sitting on it or dirt can accumulate. Start by getting your couch professionally cleaned if it’s upholstery or buy a leather cleaner if not. Also, you could consider getting new stuffing put in your couch. You couches will come out looking brand new for a fraction of the cost.Clean couches or Re-stuff

5. Replace artwork

Changing or adding to what is hung on your walls will do wonders for creating new interest. You can either swap existing pieces in the home so showcase something new or purchase a new piece or two. Even consider doing a collage with prints. A picture is really worth a thousand words and with new art come new thoughts and fresh ideas.Replace artwork

6. Rearrange floor plan

Mock up a drawing of your rooms dimensions and see if a new floor plan may work or change how you use the space.  Or just grab the furniture and try moving it to see how you like new configurations. How you used your best room could dramatically change or be improved by rethinking it.Rearrange floor plan

7. Lighting

If you do not have additional lighting then consider adding some or if you do have lighting consider changing it. Buying new lighting can be an interest point in the room and also change how bright and inviting it is.Lighting

8. New theme or design

Grey and yellow are a popular Spring trend with chevron designs. You could coordinate all of the changes such as cushions, drapes, artwork and accent chair with this theme in mind.New theme or design

9. Conversation piece

If you have a neutral or conservative style considering adding one splashy piece of furniture such as an accent chair or place a fashion or photography book on the coffee table.Conversation piece

10. Add Greenery or Flowers

Some rooms can come off as sterile without some life added to it, literally. The introduction of a new houseplant such as a money tree or bamboo can be a low maintenance way to breathe life into it. If you do not have a green thumb you can always purchase dried flowers or artificial greenery.Add Greenery or Flowers