Winter is finally over and the weather is warming up enough that you want to start venturing outside again. Your yard will need some love and attention to bring it back to life also and tending to it early in the Spring can mean the world of difference to sprucing up your mood and your outlook as sunnier days arrive.


1. Pick up any debris

Take a large garbage bag outside and pick up any garbage that may have gotten into your yard or any animal waste.Pick up any debris


2. Rake the Lawn

Rake over your entire lawn. This will loosen any dead grass from the top and also gather any left-over leaves and twigs that might have accumulated over the winter.Rake the Lawn


3. Reseed Bare Spots

If there is any patches in your lawn re-seed early and let the spring showers do their work so that you have a lush lawn by summer.Reseed Bare Spots


4. Aerate the Lawn

Rent or borrower an aerator or pay a lawn service to aerate your lawn. Or use your garden tools to manually aerate the lawn if it is not large. This will allow the lawn to breathe and promote healthy grass growth.Aerate the Lawn


5. Cut back any branches or prune shrubs

If you have had any branches break over the winter now is the time to trim them back and gather them up.Cut back any branches or prune shrubs


6. Weed

Pull out any weeds that might have sprung up and start the year off on the right foot.Weed


7. Add Top Soil or Mulch on Beds

Add fresh soil to flower beds so that plants and flowers get fresh nutrients and if you have mulch adding a new coating to top up the beds can help to retain moisture and freshen up your yards look.Add Top Soil or Mulch on Beds


8. Clean off furniture

If you store your furniture bring it out, or if you leave your furniture outside clean it off and do any touch-ups that need doing.Clean off furniture


9. Plan New Plants and Flowers

Plan out any beds that you will be planting. It is a good idea to do a PH test to understand the make-up of the soil and also to consider the type of sun and shade a given area receives so you pick appropriate plants and flower that will thrive.Plan New Plants and Flowers


10. Sharpen lawn Mower and Cut

Get the blade on your mower sharpened to get a more precise cut, which will do less damage to your lawn. Also, cut your lawn for the first time, while ensuring to adjust the blade so that you only cut the top one third of the blade of grass.Sharpen lawn Mower and Cut