You're on a budget, but you know most DIY gifts are unwanted or turn into a disaster. Don't worry, we've got your back. Here are 11 DIY holiday gifts your recipients will actually be happy to get.


Rhinestone Headband

Your fashion conscious friends and family will love this rhinestone headband! Inexpensive without sacrificing style, your gift is sure to be a favourite this year! Check out HGTV’s step-by-step instructions on how to make this cute winter hair accessory. Hint: if you’re having a girls’ night or winter wedding, this could be a great gift for bridesmaids!



No-Knit Sweater Stocking

Are your family’s stockings worn-out and in serious need of replacement? We suggest creating these adorable, hand-made stockings out of old sweaters to add a personal touch to your fireplace this season. These stockings require no sewing machines or knitting, we promise! HGTV has the how-to here.



Coffee Cozy

Coffee cozies are a hot accessory this season and your friends would be grateful to get one! There are many ways to make the cute cozies: crochet, knitting, sewing, etc. We have a much easier suggestion: just making them from felt! Cut the felt into easy shapes and attach them (we recommend hot glue) to a band that’s slightly longer than the circumference of a standard coffee cup. Use Velcro for the felt’s edges so the cozy will stay secure and voila!



Themed Frame

A dollar store frame and collected twigs, ribbon, bows, paint and your imagination are all it takes to make a beautiful DIY picture frame. If you’re gifting the piece to a family member, put a family photo in! If you’re crafting the gift for a friend, put a sheet with holiday words and phrases or song lyrics as shown. This is a perfect piece for a fireplace mantle or side table!



Custom Cork Coasters

These DIY cork coasters are thoughtful and easier than they look. With inexpensive coasters, paint and tape, you’re well on your way! Simply create strips with masking tape and initials with vinyl letters, then apply craft paint, let it dry, then remove the tape! Gift wrapped with a ribbon and a bottle of wine. Thank you Martha Stewart for this great idea.



Cinnamon Vanilla Candles

Again, the dollar store is your best friend here! Purchase large vanilla-scented candles, elastics, twine and cinnamon sticks. The rest is easy. Put the elastic around the candle and slide cinnamon sticks underneath it until they surround the candle. Tie over the elastic with the twine for a rustic, cozy feel. Top it off with a black ribbon and voila! You have beautiful, winter-ready candles. Click here for the full tutorial.



Scrabble Letter Ornaments

How festive are these ornaments? If you’re done with your old Scrabble game, don’t throw it away! Use the letters to make ornaments for your friends and family! You’ll also need ribbon, scissors, a hot glue gun and any other small embellishments you want. With just a bit of time and patience, you’ll have praise-worthy gifts! Get the full tutorial here.



Custom Mug

If you have a permanent sharpie marker and a white mug (visit your nearest dollar store), you can create a fun custom mug for loved ones. Simply draw or write a kind message, phrase or picture. If you don’t have a steady hand or an artistic eye, there are plenty of stencil options for you! To finish things off, simply pop your mug into the oven and set the temp to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Let the mug bake for 30 minutes to set the design.



Starburst Mirror

With some DIY skills and dollar store materials, you can make this classic, modern décor piece for any of your friends! POPSUGAR Living has a great tutorial on how you use a simple round mirror, wooden skewers and silver paint to create one blinged-out gift!



Lace Candleholder

For an elegant, timeless look, DIY-ers can create a beautiful votive candleholder as a gift and have fun doing it! All you need is old crochet doilies, a balloon and wallpaper glue. Soak the doilies in glue and stick them to the balloon, hang them to dry (for at least a day) and then prick the balloons! For the full tutorial, click here.



Tea Wreath

Is there a tea lover on your Christmas list? You’ll probably end up their favourite friend if you make them is festive tea wreath! (Almost) too pretty to eat, they’ll be sure to remember your generosity! For the tutorial visit Kojo Designs.