Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a penthouse suite. If you’re unsatisfied with the size of your current bedroom and upsizing isn’t in your immediate future, here are some ways to make your tiny bedroom feel much larger.

1.  Use a lighter color scheme   

Dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it, therefore leaving the room feeling smaller. Lighter color floors and walls makes a room feel more open and spacious.

lighter color scheme

2.  Space out your furniture

You might think you’re saving space by putting your furniture against the wall, when in fact, you’re causing your room to feel more closed-in. Angle your bed or desk to make your room feel more spacious and it’ll also create a more interesting layout.

space out

3.  Install built-in shelving

Built-in shelving can help provide you with more storage while maintaining your floor space. Try building shallow shelves above your bed so that the bottom shelves can replace the need for bedside tables. Try building your shelves all the way to the ceiling to create the illusion that your room is higher than it actually is. shelving

4.  Use mirrored closet doors

Installing a mirrored closet door will double your room’s visual square footage. This will work best if you can install closet doors from the floor to the ceiling and from wall to wall.
mirrored closet doors

5.  Avoid small decorative accents

When it comes to adding decorations to your bedroom, follow the cantaloupe rule. Avoid using decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe and incorporate a few larger pieces instead.
decorative accents

6.  Show your stripes

Similar to when you wear a striped shirt, placing a striped area rug on your floor or use a striped comforter will elongate your space. Make sure to arrange the stripes to spread across the length of the room that is the longest for optimal effect.
show your stripes

7.  Leave your windows uncovered to provide more depth

If you have smaller windows or don’t mind being slightly exposed, opting out of window coverings is one of the best ways to create the feeling of a larger space as more light creates more depth.

leave your windows


8.  Hang large and bold paintings on your wall

Instead of having many smaller prints or photos hung on your wall, find one large painting and make that the focal point of your room. This is an easy way to expand the space of your bedroom.

hang large bold pictures

9.  Forget the footboard

If you’re pressed for space, make sure you have a bed that only has a headboard and uses a metal frame. Add a bed skirt as a way to cover up the metal frame and make the room look larger in the process. In addition to giving you more space, this is also cheaper than buying other types of bedframes.forget the footboard

10.  Avoid table lamps

Many of us like having table lamps on our bedside table, but they take up a lot of space. Try hanging dangling lights from the ceiling or installing wall mounted light fixtures instead.

avoid table lamps

11.  Skip the dresser or armoire

One of the major reasons why many bedrooms feel small is that they include furniture that is too large for the space. Dressers and armoires are often placed in bedrooms that are just too small to fit them. If you already have a closet in your room, save some space by eliminating these two redundant pieces of furniture.skip the dresser