If you live in the city, you might be constantly lamenting the lack of green space to plant your own garden. Don’t let the lack of space keep you from creating your own indoor greenhouse. Here are a few ways you can make your own homemade indoor planters and let your green thumb go wild inside.


Book Planters

Who says books are only for reading? Cut a small hole into the pages of an old hardcover book. Not only is this an easy way to create your own planter, but it’s also guaranteed to be a conversation starter.


Image: Apartment Therapy


Rubber Boot Planters

Forget throwing out your children’s old rain boots once they’ve grown out of them. Instead, turn them into one-of-a-kind flower planters that are guaranteed to make a splash.



Wicker Basket Planters

Turn a stylish wicker planter into the perfect place for indoor plants like sweetgrass. Make sure to place a smaller plastic planter inside the wicker basket to act as a lining.



Mason Jar Herb Planters

Put all your favorite herb plants on display in your kitchen by growing them in matching mason jars.



High Top Planters

Give your sneakers a second life by turning them into a pair of stylish planters.



Bicycle Basket Planters

Revive that old broken bicycle in your shed by giving it a fresh coat of paint and transforming it into an art installation which doubles as a functional planter. It’s bound to become the focal point of any room.



Terra Cotta Bowl Planters

Use terra cotta bowls to display floating water plants such as the water lettuce. This is guaranteed to make a stunning table centerpiece.



Tea Cup Planters

Add some class to your plants by putting them on display in some of your grandmother’s finest china.



Dresser Drawer Planters

Stack your old dresser drawers on top of each other to create a unique three-layer planter that will be at home in any living room.


Image: Revistat


Tin Can Planters

Decorate your used tin cans to create personalized mini-planters. Give it a personal touch by painting it to match the colors of your room or add some flare by using glitter or applying wallpaper.


Image: Home Garden Air


Carriage Planters

Transform an antique fair find into a stunning indoor home for your plants. Use the bed of an old horse carriage to create the floral display of your dreams.


Image: Ace Paints Furniture


Muffin Tin Planters

Do you have a muffin tin that’s a little worse for wear? Put it on display as a series of 12 mini-planters. Place it on your coffee table to add a dash of color to any room.


Image: MamaBee


Wine Barrel Planters

Go to your nearest winery and get your hands on an empty wine barrel. Cut a wine barrel open to create a stunning planter that will make a gorgeous floral display. It’ll become such a unique conversation piece your friends will be jealous every time they come to visit.


Image: Design Squish