It’s very tempting to be a bad guy because, let’s face it, they have the most awesome hideouts. Huge elaborate pads complete with all the latest technology in the most dramatic settings, whether taking up a whole tropical island or hanging out in an imposing mansion. Imagine the fun you could have in one of these:


#1 The Death Star, Star Wars

As the Empire’s ultimate weapon, this is one of the most dangerous and impressive of all evil lairs. It could destroy a whole planet with one powerful blast and was basically one big floating sphere of death and destruction. You’d have to share it with your army of troopers but there’s plenty of room as the death star doubled up as Lord Vader’s sinister lair and command center for the Empire.

#1 The Death Star, Star WarsSource


#2 Dr No’s Hideout, James Bond

Imagine having an entire tropical island to dream up your devilish plans. Crab Key Island was the front for Dr No’s evil lair, located off the coast the coast of Jamaica. His lair was underground and built into the side of a mountain. He lived in luxurious surroundings with comfortable guest quarters but more sinister installations included prison cells. He didn’t have to worry about trespassers either with guard dogs and boat patrols. An additional touch to the décor included a large aquarium but in typical villain style, he made it seriously creepy by magnifying the glass to make even small fish look like sharks!

#2 Dr No’s Hideout, James BondSource


#3 The Riddler’s Base, Batman

Claw Island was the Riddler’s Base in Batman Forever, floating in the waters just outside of Gotham City. It was here that he was able to absorb all the neural energy from the unsuspecting residents of the City. Now that is quite an impressive lair! It also housed the main base for his company called Nygma Tech. He placed hidden bombs in the sea around the island, had his own army of frogmen and even managed to move the island itself at one point in his battle with Batman.

#3 The Riddler’s Base, BatmanSource


#4 Dr Evil’s Lair, Austin Powers

The Caribbean seems to be a popular choice with bad guys. Even though they’re evil, they still retain an eye for beauty or is it just privacy they’re seeking? Austin Powers’ arch nemesis had various evil lairs but one of the best was on a tropical island that had a very active volcano with Dr Evil’s face carved into it in which the eyes served as creepy windows to the dastardly deeds occurring within. When you’re a fiendish megalomaniac, why stop at one pad? His other homes included a moon base, his own submarine and at the top of the Seattle Space Needle!

#4 Dr Evil’s Lair, Austin PowersSource


#5 The Chum Bucket, Spongebob Squarepants

It’s not the size that counts but what you do with it and Plankton has plenty of big ideas for such a small baddie. His lair consists of a giant bucket and his restaurant only serves disgusting chum so this tiny villain is forced to spend his days scheming about ways to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula from the Krusty Krab. With his faithful computer wife Karen as his only companion, the Chum Bucket is a fairly barren and depressing lair.

#5 The Chum Bucket, Spongebob SquarepantsSource


#6 Burn’s Manor, The Simpsons

Montgomery Burns is the frail and ancient nemesis of the Simpsons family and owner of the dubiously-run Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Super-rich and supremely selfish, the manor is surrounded by a huge wall, an electric fence and ‘The Hounds’. Mr Burns has collected some pretty bizarre stuff throughout his odd life including a nude picture of Mark Twain, King Arthur’s Excalibur, the skeleton head of a T-Rex and the skeleton of a trespasser!

#6 Burn’s Manor, The SimpsonsSource


#7 Blofeld’s Volcano Lair, James Bond

This hollow volcano would be super cool if it wasn’t as hot as magma! The home to Spectre and its secret rocket base, evil abounds here. At least the money saved from heating bills could be put to nefarious use in trying to dominate the world! There is something quite delicious  about the use of a volcano for an evil lair – the ever-present danger and threat of death is the ideal image a villain would want to project.

#7 Blofeld’s Volcano Lair, James BondSource


#8 The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge, Batman

The Penguin chose a Gotham City nightclub for his evil doings. He tried to ‘go straight’ and open a respectable establishment but eventually the trendy club will just become a front for his dubious dealings with the underworld. It’s a pretty chic pad though with a large pool for his pet seals and penguins, a dance floor with a ship theme and an iceberg sculpture. The club also contains a secret office and armory.

#8 The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge, BatmanSource


#9 The Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones

The legendary phantom ship that is cursed to sail forever without making port. This captain is one scary villain who, it is said, has the job of collecting men’s souls. His crew are all men who have committed terrible acts or sold their souls and in return must serve as crew until their penance is completed. The longer they serve, the more monstrous they become. This is no luxury cruise but a hellish doomed vessel which some sailors have claimed to have seen, appearing as an apparition though a storm!

#9 The Flying Dutchman, Davy JonesSource


#10 Lexcorp Tower, Superman

This is one impressive lair and stands as the tallest single building in Metropolis. The inside of the tower is lined with lead so Superman can’t monitor Luthor's actions with his X-ray vision. Lex Luther’s corporation is one of the biggest multinationals in the world of DC and a building that size is sure to contain some very villainous machinery.

#10 Lexcorp Tower, SupermanSource


#11 The Goblin House, Spiderman

Inside the seemingly innocent Oscorp lurks the Goblin House, where the Green Goblin keeps all his dastardly paraphernalia. The Goblin Glider, secret serums and evil experiments are all occurring right under Spiderman’s nose. Under tight security, the Oscorp mansion is home to the iconic ‘hoverboard’, a considerable armory and some highly deadly explosives.

#11 The Goblin House, SpidermanSource


#12 The Joker’s Ha-ha-Hacienda, Batman

The Joker has had numerous hideouts and enjoys setting booby traps for anyone coming after him. His first was a haunted mansion which acted as a secret den for planning heinous crimes. Next was an elaborate set-up with trap doors and labyrinths before he moved to a shack in the woods with a vault full of money and jewels. Another of his creepy lairs was at 13, Coffin Street which was full of deadly traps. At least he had a sense of humor with the address!

#12 The Joker’s Ha-ha-Hacienda, BatmanSource