When it comes to ideas for entertaining guests outdoors, the opportunities are endless! If you have a nice yard, it is indeed a great deal of fun to entertain guests outside at times. Garden parties in good weather can be a hit, but guests will want to have a variety of things to do.


Ideas for Entertaining Guests Outdoors

There are plenty of generic, everyday ways to entertain guests, but you might want your party to stand out and be more unique. Here are a few ideas for entertaining guests outdoors to help you out.


Idea 1: Action Stations

Create different portions of the yard where guests will take part in a variety of activities. One area could have couches and allow guests to relax while another area has drinks that guests can mix themselves. Every area should be different so guests can move to the place they are most comfortable to mingle. It is nice to have several action stations grouped together so guests can easily move from one to another when they want.

Action Stations are one of the most easy Ideas for Entertaining Guests Outdoors



Idea 2: Pass Appetizers

No party is complete without food. Whether you are going to have a full meal or not, it’s always nice for guests to have something to snack on. Put together appetizer trays that guests can eat with their fingers. The trays can be passed around from person to person. Appetizers also give guests a great idea of what is to come if you are having a full meal a little later.

Pass Appetizers at a garden party



Idea 3: Live Music

Music is a nice addition to any affair, but a live band of some kind gives guests something to focus on between conversations. Make sure the music fits the type of party you are having and that the band is not too loud. Guests will still want to be able to talk. Music is a great way to set the tone of the event, and you can choose anything from a full band to a single guitarist.

Live Music at a garden party


Idea 4: Lawn Games

There’s no better way to get people together and laughing than playing lawn games. The games can be sophisticated like croquet or simple like a beanbag toss. If the lawn is big enough, there can even be a variety of games for guests to enjoy. These games get guests together and involved in something fun that makes conversation easy, even between those who may not know each other before the event.

Lawn Games are fun for adults at a garden party



Idea 5: Relaxation is Key

You will want guests to feel like they can kick back and relax while they enjoy the party. Include items like a hammock, chairs with cushions, blankets on the lawn and other things so guests can choose where they want to sit or even lie down. Even if all of the pieces are not used, they put off a relaxing vibe. Your guests will have a lot more fun when they are able to de-stress and let go.

Relaxation is Key to a chilled garden party



Idea 6: Provide Visual Effects

Guests enjoy having interesting things to look at when they are at a party. Ideas for entertaining guests outdoors can include anything from lighting up the backyard for an evening party to setting vases of cuttings from your garden flowers around the area. These visuals will make your party look well set up and will give your guests something to see. You can change the mood of your party with visual effects.

light up your garden party with fairy lights for a relaxed vibe



Idea 7: Make it Kid-Friendly

If there are going to be any children at the party, ideas for entertaining guests outdoors will have to include kid-friendly options. You can set up a few teepees in a corner of the yard for kids to explore and enjoy. Include some dolls, toys and games in each so they can entertain themselves for an extended period of time. Little things to entertain kids will keep parents happier longer as well.

teepees make an adult garden party kid friendly



Idea 8: Decorate

It’s always nice to have the yard well decorated, but what if you use decorations to help entertain the guests? Have a small craft project for each guest to create and then use them as decorations for the party. Guests can take the decoration home at the end of the night to remember the party and as a party favor. The decorating is fun for the guests and it adds to the ambiance of the outdoor party.

Decorations at garden party



Idea 9: Make a Memory Device

One of the ideas for entertaining guests outdoors is to use the guests to create something truly unique that you can use over and over again. Get a light colored tablecloth or picnic blanket and spread it out either on a picnic table or the garden. Keep the table empty other than colored markers and pens. Have each guest write a note, sign their name, and draw a picture. You can use the same tablecloth every year and have guests add to the fun.

Make a Memory Device at your garden party



Idea 10: Balloon Release

On special occasions, ideas for entertaining guests can be as simple as having a bunch of balloons around the yard. Maybe you will choose a special cause, a person to remember, or something else. At some point during the party, every guest can pick a balloon and together, you release them into the air. It makes for a great photo opportunity and it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved. Children and adults alike love balloons.

Balloon Release at garden party



Idea 11: Puppet Shows

You would think puppet shows are just for children, but guests enjoy fine entertainment as well. Get together with some friends who will be attending the party and create a unique puppet show for your guests. You can customize it to include friends or make the puppets neutral. It’s sure to get some laughs along the way. You can even include guests and have them put on shows for one another and make a game out of the evening.

Puppet Shows are a great entertainment at garden parties



Idea 12: Dress Up

Even if it’s not Halloween, have guests dress up in costumes or according to a certain theme. You can vote on the best attire and award prizes. You can take this seriously, or it can by silly fun. Either way, it’s another element to the party to help entertain guests and one of the great ideas for entertaining guests outdoors. Creating a theme and carrying it out through the decorations makes the party flow nicely.

Dress Up at your garden party