Cloth flowers, ribbons, Styrofoam... and chicken wire? Believe it or not, chicken wire may become as much of a staple in your craft basket as anything else once you see these fantastic chicken wire DIY craft ideas. This versatile crafting supply gives a wonderful rustic look to a kitchen or to any other room decorated in a country chic style. From beginner crafts to breathtaking creations, you're sure to find something that fits your personal crafting style when you start working with chicken wire. Best of all, chicken wire is inexpensive, so you can make some beautifully stylish creations on a shoestring budget.

Chicken Wire DIY Craft Ideas: Hanging Basket

This cute and functional fruit basket from Scoutmob lets you store your fruit in style. Because it hangs from the ceiling, you don't need to take up any counter space in the process.

Chicken Wire DIY Craft Ideas Hanging Basketdiycozyhome

Another Hanging Fruit or Veggie Basket

Hanging fruit baskets are so handy that you need more than one design! These one from Etsy let garlic and onions breathe while still keeping them contained.

Chiken wire hanging basket


Another Hanging Fruit or Veggie Basketdiycozyhome

Candle Lantern

This charming candle lantern from betong ute och inne lets you use a tea candle as a wall fixture. Attaching it to a frame can help you breathe more personality into the craft.

Candle Lanterndiycozyhome


For the ultimate in shabby chic, this chicken wire lampshade from ShabbyGals gives a fun, rustic kitsch look to your living room.


Floral Wall Sconce

This wall sconce from Consumer Crafts gives your floral arrangements the look of a country flower basket without providing a distracting, overly showy setting for them.

Floral Wall Sconceconsumercrafts

chicken wire wall sconce


Chicken Wire Christmas Trees

For a new twist on the holidays, try these nifty chicken wire Christmas trees from StowandTellU. Whether they're adorable with ornaments and ribbon or pure holiday magic with lights, they're a great conversation piece.

Chicken Wire Christmas Treesstowandtellu

Rustic Moss Wreath

The combination of moss and chicken wire gives this wreath from Everyday Dishes a fresh, spring-like look that's perfect for sprucing up your home when the warmer weather comes in.

Rustic Moss Wreatheverydaydishes

Collage Frame

Filling a picture frame with chicken wire gives you plenty of nooks and crannies from which to hang your favorite pictures and mementos. A weathered or brightly colored frame emphasizes the rustic charm of the wire.

Collage Frameblogspot

Chicken Wire Chandelier

Chicken wire, tea lights, and a tomato planter come together to make this charming chandelier from Dollar Store Crafts that will look every bit as at home on your porch as over your dining room table.

Chicken Wire Chandelierdollarstorecrafts

Planter or Basket

Are you looking for a new way to show off your potted plants - or to just get rid of your bathroom trash? This basket from Make It Do lets you turn an old lampshade into a planter, small trash can, or simple decorative basket.

Planter or Basketmake-it-do

Decorative Cage

Protect your plants from birds, bugs, or the family cat while still keeping them easily visible by covering them with this decorative chicken wire cage. You can customize the look by experimenting with different frames.

Decorative Cagetumblr

Basket With Lid

You don't just have to do wastepaper or fruit baskets with chicken wire. This basket with a lid from Laura Wadsworth lets you make a basket with a lid to store all sorts of odds and ends.

Basket With Lidtheembellishednest

Tulle Cake Stand Cover

This tulle and chicken wire cake stand cover from Décor It Darling lets you keep the bugs off your cakes and cupcakes while still showing them off, and it's beautiful to boot. Creating something rewarding is just one of the reasons to try out these chicken wire DIY craft ideas.

Tulle Cake Stand Coverdecoritdarling