Here are some fun DIY projects using tin cans that you will enjoy working on and can use in your home afterwards. You will have everyone asking how to create these brilliant projects for their homes and mimicry is the best form of flattery after all.

Herb Garden

Begin your DIY projects using tin cans by simply removing the paper label, washing them, adding a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage with a drill, and filling with soil and herbs; voila you have a herb garden without the need to buy plastic pots.Try These Brilliant DIY Projects Using Tin Cans - Herb Garden

Cutlery holders

For a casual look on your dining table, kitchen table or patio table use tin cans to hold cutlery and napkins for breakfast, lunch or dinner guests. There is not much to create this casual look. Empty, wash and remove the label and there you have it!Cutlery holders

Bling Pencil Pot

If you want somewhere great for storing your pencils and pens that doesn’t look like a tin can, what about this stylish pencil pot that can be created with little more than a single clean can, decorative vase fillers, nail varnish, a sheet of white paper, modge podge and a hot glue gun? It looks like something that could have washed up on the beach – we mean that in a good way...

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There are various ways to create a chic clock out of a tin can of any shape. It may simply be a case of attaching a couple of wooden legs to the side, painting the can and legs in a matching color and inserting a clock mechanism inside. Alternatively, you might want to make a virtue of the graphics that are already on the can, for a suitably retro timepiece.



The beauty of tin can robots is the incredible range of forms that they can take – they really are a great avenue for your creativity. As with the scarecrow, if you want to create a ‘human’-looking robot, you can simply use different-sized cans for different body parts. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to also experiment with the likes of electrical tape, disk magnets and wing nuts to make your own robots genuinely unique.



Punching robot-like faces into your tin cans gives you a set of jack-o’-lanterns that are a slight departure from the norm. Slot votive candles inside, and you’ve got some suitably scary heads to place or stack inside your window this Halloween. You never know, it might even help to start a whole new Halloween tradition of tin can jack-o’-lanterns in your area…

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For country-chic décor this is the perfect project. Empty, wash and paint the tin can the colour of your choosing. Once the paint has dried take some inexpensive twine and wrap it around the tin can in the middle. You can wrap the tin can as little as once with a simple bow for an elegant look or wrap it around multiple times for a more textured look.Vase

Colouring Supply Cups

This is an easy and effective way to organize the craft area clutter. This is less of a project and more of a way to stay tidy, so you can organize all of your craft supplies to create all of those other wonderful projects you have in mind. All you really need to do is empty and clean cans and organize in a row for crayons, pencils, paint brushes etc.Colouring Supply Cups

Telephone game

This is one of the oldest games created with tin cans and is one of the most fun DIY projects using tin cans around. Start with two of the same tin cans, drill a small hole in the middle of the bottom or each tin can, take approximately four feet of string and feed each end through each tin can and tie a knot in the end of the string to keep it in place. Now give the tin can phone to your children and have them each take turns talking and listening for the messages through this basic telephone.Telephone game


This great idea courtesy of upcycle blog, is a great way to make a personalized night light for your little family members. Simply take your dollar store night light and then cover it with a tin can that is sawed in half. Drill the pattern of your choosing into the tin can and spray-paint it in the color of your choice. Consider designs like star and moons, trees or animal.


Bird Feeders

What is sweeter than taking care of our feathered friends this Spring. Thanks to Momtastic you can easily make your own bird feeder to put in your back yard. Make two holes in the side of the can and thread a piece of string through, tie a knot in each end of the string. Glue a popsicle stick to the edge of the inside of the tin can as a perch for birds and hang in your tree.Bird Feeders

Wind Chime

A nice outdoor décor item that you do not want to break the bank to buy, make your own basic wind chime inexpensively. Luckily, you can create your own wind chime by painting six tin cans of differing sizes, cutting a small hole in the centre of the bottom of the cans, threading a string through each can and tying the strings to a covered embroidery hoop at different heights.

Wind Chimeallyou

Bowling Game

Gather 5 large tin cans and have some fun decorating them with brightly coloured paint, next arrange the tin cans with three in the back row, two in the middle row and one in front. Get a ball and you have a home-made bowling game.Bowling Game

Wedding Centrepieces

For a country wedding this is a nice project for the bridal party to do together and will not blow the budget. Clean and empty the tin can, measure the circumference of the can and cut strips of white lace to glue around the can. Now soak florist foam in water and add your flower arrangements.Wedding Centrepieces

Patio Lantern

First mark holes in the sides of cans with a permanent marker and then fill with water and freeze. Drill the holes you marked and then thaw.  Add citronella candles into each can to keep away the mosquitos and for some ambient lighting for those warm evenings.

Patio Lantern

 Bathroom Organizer

Create your own toothbrush holder as part of one of your DIY projects using tin cans. Decorate the can any way you would like with paint and then take strips of cardboard to create dividers for as many toothbrushes as you need. Cover the cardboard in saran wrap so the cardboard doesn’t get soggy.Bathroom Organizer

Desk Caddy

Glue several sized tin cans to a piece of scrap wood you have laying around (make sure to sand away the rough edges first). Paint the cans and wood the accent colour in your office or den and you have an easy way to organize your pens and office supplies.

Desk Caddydiyrecycled

 Home-made Candles

Empty a tin can and drill holes with the smallest drill bit you have in a motif of your choosing; such as a heart or an apple. Spray-paint the tin can the colour of your choice, then met some bee’s wax and add a couple of drops of essential oil such as lavender. Add a wick in the bottom of the tin can and pour the wax around it. Leave the wax to set overnight and trim your wick to size for a bohemian candle.

Home-made Candles

Grocery Bag Holder

Organize under your sink as recommended by Mom blogger Bonnie Donahue and turn a tin can into a container to store your plastic grocery bags. Spray-paint a clean tin can the colour of your choosing and then stencil the writing “Bags” This is a nice and tidy place to put all of those bags from the grocery store to reuse and leaves your cupboards tidy.

Grocery Bag Holderpinimg

Mini Bongos

If you want something that’ll keep your little one occupied, give this fun project a go. By doing little more than filling two or three cans with rice or lentils, stretching a balloon end over the top and securing it in place with a rubber band, you can create a handmade musical instrument. Give your kids some chopsticks, and they’re all set for hours of banging out tunes.

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Wine Rack

It couldn’t be easier to create this stylish ‘shabby chic’ wine rack. Simply save six large cans of the same size, remove the labels, clean and dry the cans and glue them together in a pyramid shape, giving each section time to dry before adding the next. Once it’s all dried and shined up, you’ll be ready to amaze your guests with this unconventional creation.

Wine Rack Source:

Drink Holders

When you’re sitting in the garden and looking to get the beers in, it makes sense to have somewhere to rest them – and tin cans are just the right shape and size for the purpose. Create some amazing staked drinks holders that will allow you to forget about any extra folding tables when you, your family and friends are having fun outdoors.

Drink Holders Source:

Table Numbers

When you want to achieve a warm, homemade look for the tables at which your wedding or birthday guests will be dining, why wouldn’t you want to have a few of these gorgeous table numbers to guide everyone to the right place to sit? They cost almost nothing to make, and don’t require much else other than the cans themselves, a drill and some spray paint.

Table Numbers Source:


Scarecrows have long been objects of great affection for many of us, but if you’ve been thinking of adding one to your garden, you may have never imagined that he could be made out of tin. All that you really have to do is attach an assortment of tin cans in various sizes together, before painting them to resemble a man in overalls. It’s such a cute project.

Scarecrow Source: craftyimaginings

Advent Calendar

Sure, it might take you a while to gather up 24 tin cans, but it’s worth it to create this advent calendar with a difference. Paint them whatever suitably Christmassy color you have in mind, drill holes in the sides and add wire handles. Cut out some number silhouettes from white vinyl, before filling them with festive messages, gifts or candies.

Advent CalendarSource:


Christmas is coming, so instead of buying a wreath new, create your own by decorating a load of cans and stringing them together in a circle, before hanging the resultant wreath on your door. This can be adapted in so many different ways beyond the festive season – you could paint the cans black and glue on some toy spiders and webbing for a Halloween wreath, for instance.

Wreath Source:

Cookie Cutters

You only need to remove the tops and bottoms of your tin cans to turn them into usable cookie or biscuit cutters, although you can also go much further. What about bending the cans into particular shapes to create themed cookies? You’ll need some pliers for the latter, as well as – of course – a bit of common sense as far as safety is concerned.

Cookie Cutters Source:


This is a pretty jaw-dropping project and is as time-consuming as it looks, but hey – when it’s your beloved for whom you’re creating it, all of that effort is more than worthwhile, right? These tin roses would certainly be a memorable and beautiful birthday or anniversary gift, with the added bonus of lasting for much longer than the real thing.


Mosaic Containers

You may have never imagined that you would one day find yourself decorating a tin can with mosaic tiles (or something resembling mosaic tiles, anyway), but hey – there’s a first time for everything. In the case of this particular project, the ‘tiles’ are actually made from Styrofoam, but look at first glance like true mosaic tiles. Use yours as a container for basically everything.

Mosaic Containers Source:

Car Décor

When you’ve just got married and are looking to make the ultimate exit, you can’t beat a tin can sendoff – after all, even Kate and William had some cans attached to their own wedding car bumper, and if it’s good enough for them, we’re sure it’s good enough for you. It’s a fantastically simple DIY project, and there are even designs for your wedding cans that you can download and print off online.

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