Do you dream of redecorating your home but think updates are beyond your budget? You can add style, elegance and value to your home with cheap DIY home decor projects. Using creative solutions, you can transform your home’s interior from blah to amazing without spending a ton of money.


Begin Cheap DIY Home Decor Projects Today!

Interior decorators charge thousands to redecorate homes, but you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost with cheap DIY home decor projects. It might be cheap, but the results will immediately transform your living space.


Walls with Color

Nothing transforms a room more dramatically than adding color to the walls, especially in rooms that are drably painted or outdated. Adding tasteful colors brings new life to your home. Once the room is painted, be sure to decorate with complementary colors to add warmth and class to your living space.Cheap DIY Home Decor Projects - painting walls vivid colours


Favorite Photos

Another of the best cheap DIY home decor projects is to add character to walls by decorating them with your favorite personal photos. Select six to eight of your favorites in different themes. Pick photos of favorite trips or pictures of your children. Visit a discount store and purchase identical frames for the photos, then mount them in a tight grid on the wall. For extra pop, try printing the photos in black and white and creating a vivid wall art display with these.

Favorite Photos into tree wall art


Candle Warmth

Using candles creatively adds warmth and elegance to rooms. A single candle is boring, but when used in groups, candles can change the look of a room. Try candles of varying sizes and complementary colors. Get really creative by making your own candleholders. Old mason jars, tea cups, antique medicine bottles or fish bowls all work well. Among the best places to display candles are tables, hearths, vanities and shelves.

DIY candle holders


Mirror on the Wall

Create the illusion of space by adding a large mirror to any of your rooms. Mirrors add depth and make smaller spaces look bigger. They also make rooms with no windows more inviting. In addition, mirrors change the look of a room by reflecting light to places that otherwise would not have it. Select a frame that adds to the décor of the room through color, texture or design.

Mirror on the Wall provides the illusion of more space


Paint the Vinyl

If you have unsightly vinyl floors that need to be replaced, try painting them instead to instantly bring a welcome change that transforms floors from dingy to amazing. First clean the floors thoroughly with soap, water and trisodium phosphate, then sand them. Fill any holes with caulk, then paint the floors with primer and floor paint. Try using creative patterns, such as stripes or checkerboard.

Paint the Vinyl rather than replacing it


Change the Shades

Purchasing a new lamp is expensive, but you can change the look of a lamp by purchasing a new lampshade for a fraction of the cost. Exchanging a drab lampshade with a new one instantly changes the look of a room. Try adding a splash of color or an interesting texture. An even cheaper fix is to paint the lampshade.

add a pop of colour by changing light shades


Refresh Furniture

Instead of purchasing new furniture, give your old furniture a makeover. Cabinets, tables, dressers and bookshelves can be transformed with little effort. Repaint dingy furniture with bright colors to add a splash of life to a room. If you have an old painted piece of furniture, try sanding it, then adding some stain and varnish for a new look. You can also improve the appearance of old furniture by adding new pulls or handles.

Refresh Furniture by replacing handles


Bathroom Covers

Refresh bathrooms by changing the appearance of common items. Instead of leaving an unsightly mouthwash bottle on the vanity, put mouthwash in a glass decanter. Purchase an inexpensive tissue box cover to add character, and use a soap dispenser rather than the plastic bottle soap comes in. Do not leave rolls of bathroom tissue sitting on the back of the toilet. Buy a bathroom tissue caddy, which improves the look of tissue storage.

Bathroom Covers


Rearrange Furniture

Dramatically change the look of a room by rearranging the furniture. Rooms become dull if they are always arranged one way. A great place to start is to change the focal point of the room - pull sofas away from walls and move the television. Experiment by moving furniture around in different configurations, and you will be surprised by how much the room changes. You can also try moving furniture from one room to the next.

Rearrange Furniture


Accent Wall

Break up the monotony of a room by adding an accent wall. This brings new life to even the dullest of rooms. One of the best choices for an accent wall is a complementary color of paint. You can also create an accent wall by adding wallpaper to one wall. Changing a single wall in a room makes a dramatic change.

Accent Wall in purple


Bookshelf Decorating

In many homes, bookshelves become disorganized and messy, which affects the look of the entire room. A thoughtfully organized bookshelf that uses a variety of eye-catching items, such as books, candles, vases and plants, quickly transforms the look of the room and makes it feel more organized and inviting. Make sure to leave some white space in the bookshelf to break things up.

Bookshelf Decorating


Garage Sale Repurposing

A fun and creative way to gather decorations for your home is to hit the garage sales. You may find furniture, wine racks, picture frames, shelves and much more for almost nothing - all of which can be repurposed as cheap DIY home decor projects! Even if the items are outdated, think of ways to paint or repurpose them so they are fresh and attractive for your home. You never know what you will find at garage sales.

Garage Sale Repurposing

Shipping Pallets

You can pick up free shipping pallets from a variety of sources. This wood can be turned into a number of home decorations. Disassemble the pallet and make rustic picture frames, shelving, tables, plant containers or storage boxes. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating shipping pallet décor.

Shipping pallets into home decor


Paint the Ceiling

Most ceilings are white and dull, but you can transform the appearance of a room by painting the ceiling. Painted ceilings can contrast with white walls or be painted complementary colors to tie a room together. You can also try patterns painted on the ceiling, which lends a unique and modern feel to your living space. Or, if you're handy with a paint brush, try turning your ceiling into a blue, cloud-strewn sky (you can also do this with wallpaper)!

Paint the Ceiling sky


Stencils and Stickers

Bring tired walls to life by using stencils or decorative stickers to create patterns or texture. As one of the quickest cheap DIY home decor projects, this is a creative way to dramatically transform the look of a room for very little money. Experiment with different colors or patterns to find one that works for you.

Stencils and Stickers