The materials you'll require to make your earrings won't cost a lot in comparison to the price of store bought earrings, making them an affordable alternative. They will also be more personal as you have created them yourself, rather than just buying a generic pair of earrings that have been mass-produced for several outlets. Take a look at our list of creative DIY ideas for earrings and start crafting.

1. Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock feather earrings are the first in our list of creative DIY ideas for earrings because they are really pretty and will complement any outfit. Homemade versions of peacock feather earrings are lot cheaper than ones you can buy in store, so if you like this style, it's worth making the earrings yourself.

Peacock feather earringsFind out how: elisamclaughlin

2. Seashell Earrings

Bring the beach with you on any occasion by making these simple but effective earrings using seashells.

Seashell earringsFind out how: instructables

3. Scrabble Tile Earrings

Create quirky earrings using Scrabble tiles. If you don't own the game you can usually buy spare tiles from ebay.

Scrabble earringsFind out how: craftbits

4. Bottle Cap Earrings

Proclaim your love for your favorite drink by using the caps off the bottles to make a pair of earrings.

Bottle cap earringsFind out how: blogalacart

5. Chain Drop Earrings

These pretty chain drop earrings may appear quite heavy but they are actually well balanced to ensure they don't tug on your earlobe.

Chain drop earringsFind out how: beadingarts

6. Tassel Earrings

Make a bold statement with your own DIY tassel earrings. You can customize them in any way you want, and make them in a variety of colors to suit different outfits.

Tassel EarringsFind out how: honestlywtf

7. Fabric Button Earrings

Decorate button blanks with your choice of fabric to create these really cute fabric button earrings.

Fabric button earringsFind out how: postgradcrafts

8. Flower Cabochon Earrings

These resin flower cabochon earrings are really simple to make and you can buy flower cabochon in bulk for a cheap price, meaning you can make these earrings for your friends and family as well as yourself.

Flower Cabochon EarringsFind out how: bitsquare

9. Wire and Beads Earrings

You don't need much skill to create these wire and beads earrings, and you can customize this style in any way you want by adding beads of different shape, size or color.

Wire and bead earringsFind out how: handmadeology

10. Bobby Pin Earrings

You probably have a lot of bobby pins around your house, but instead of putting them in your hair, gather them together and paint them to create these wonderful bobby pin earrings.

Bobby pin earringsFind out how: themetricchild

11. Friendship Earrings

Relive your childhood and create a grown up version of the friendship bracelet with these cute earrings made of weaved thread.

Friendship bracelet earringsFind out how: kristiinaanderson

12. Ombre Paint Chip Earrings

If you're a fan of the ombre trend you definitely need to make these earrings. Just pick a color you like and find four different shades of it on paint chip samples to create a similar pair of ombre earrings.

Ombre earringsFind out how: mintedstrawberry

13. Zipper Earrings

Create these funky zipper earrings by just adding earrings posts and backs to two zipper pulls.

Zipper earringsFind out how: craftaholicsanonymous


14. Color Block Beaded Earrings

Make a beautiful pair of color block earrings using an assortment of different colored beads.

Bead EarringsFind out how: happygolucky

15. Hot Glue Drop Earrings

Glue is usually used as a sticky adhesive, but surprisingly there are actually a lot of things that you can create out of glue as well. One example is this pair of earrings made from hot glue drops.

Hot glue earrings Find out how: fourfrontdoors