You probably own quite a few pairs of jeans, so you'll realise that eventually you wear them out or outgrow them. Usually the course of action is to throw them out or possibly donate them to a thrift shop. But denim is actually a really sturdy fabric, and it can be used to create many different things. Here are 15 DIY craft ideas for denim.

1. Pillow

Try stitching a pillow case out of your old denim jeans. First you need to figure out which pillow the case will be for, and then cut the right shape out of the jeans to fit it. If you want to be able to get the pillow in and out of the case, you need to stitch up three sides of the case and then stitch a zipper on the remaining side.

denim pillowFind out how: frugalartist

2. Bag

Instead of using hundreds of disposable plastic bags for your shopping, help the environment by creating a reusable denim shopping bag. Denim is a very strong, robust material so it will be able to handle heavy shopping, and you will also be giving your jeans a new lease of life.

denim bagFind out how: instructables

3. Braided Rug

Rugs can be expensive to buy, so why not try making own by braiding together denim. This beautiful rug was created using three pairs of jeans and measures at a diameter of 31 inches. You only need a couple of tools to make this impressive rug which are pliers, thread, a sewing needle and fabric scissors.

braided denim rugFind out how: cutoutandkeep

4. Flower Corsage

Create a unique flower corsage out of a pair of your old jeans. It’s really easy to do, and you will be able to sew it all together within a few hours. What’s great about this DIY project is that you can wear the corsage like a brooch and proudly show off your creation to friends and family.

flower corsageFind out how: allfreesewing

5. Pocket Banner

You will need a lot of denim pockets to create this simple budget friendly banner. It is really easy to make and can be used as party decor for a variety of occasions. If you don't have enough pockets go to your local thrift store and see if you can pick up a couple of cheap pairs of jeans.

denim pocket bannerFind out how: hwtm

6. Coasters

Make handy coasters for your table using the seams from a pair of jeans. All you need to do is cut the seams from the jeans and apply fabric glue along the inside of it before tightly rolling up the denim. It will take a few hours to dry but you will be left with a sturdy coaster that features a nice swirly pattern.

denim coastersFind out how: makesomethingofit

7. Placemats

This project is very easy and you will have brand new placemats in no time. Just cut the seat of your jeans into a rectangular shape to form the look of a placemat, and cary out some simple stitching. Your bowls and plates will rest comfortably on the denim, and you can even use the pocket to store cutlery.

denim jean placematsFind out how: livingwellspendingless

8. Rucksack

You can create your very own rucksack out of a pair of old jeans. The project involves some stitching but the result is worth it. The denim material will also last a long time and you will be able to easily hold all your items in the rucksack without worrying that they are straining the denim fabric.

denim rucksackFind out how: iwearabow

9. Pouf

Stitch together pairs of jeans in different shades to make a stylish and sturdy pouf. The filling of the pouf is stuffing from cushions, so if you have any in your home you no longer use, recycle them into this DIY denim project. Otherwise buy some cheap cushions from a thrift store to keep your spending for the pouf low.

denim poufFind out how: michelemademe

10. Apron

You only need one pair of jeans to make this pretty denim apron, and you can customize the edge of it with a trim of cute fabric. A sewing machine is required to stitch this design, so it is advised that you have at least some experience of using one, even if it is just at beginner level.  

denim apronFind out how: creativegreenliving

11. Book Cover

If the covers of your books have seen better days, dress them up in brand new denim book covers using an old pair of jeans. You can even use the material on the back of the jeans and stitch a cover with a pocket. This way you can store handy items such as a bookmark or pencil.

denim book coverFind out how: meeganmakes

12. Bed Quilt

Stitch a brand new quilt for your bed using several pairs of jeans. You can have it all the same shade of denim, or you can create a pretty patchwork effect using different shades. Before starting your DIY denim project you will need to decide how big you want the quilt to be, as this will determine how many pairs of jeans you will require to make it.

denim quiltFind out how: vickymyerscreations

13. Wall Organizer

Create a handy wall organizer out of several jean pockets to store your bits and bobs. Simply cover a styrofoam board with denim and glue on pockets from different pairs of jeans. You don’t have to use pockets that are the same size. Mix it up with small and large jean pockets to store different sized items.

denim wall organizerFind out how: redoityourselfinspirations

14. Woven Basket

Upcycle your jeans into a woven basket that you can use and proudly display in your home. To make it cut strips of denim that are one inch wide and glue them together to make a long ribbon. Then weave them round a container such as a bucket to create the shape of a basket. The weaving will be time consuming, but in the end you will have a homemade basket to be proud of.

denim basketFind out how: ohohblog

15. Bibs

If you or someone you know has a baby, there is a great DIY project you can do which involves making denim bibs. Denim is an ideal material for baby bibs as it doesn’t wear out and is also not gender specific, so it’s suitable for both boys and girls.  

denim bibFind out how: amaidenhairfern