Transform your old CD's into something useful, by using them to make fantastic DIY crafts such as ornaments, shoes and a birdbath.  In the past you may have had hundreds of CD's scattered across your home, but these days music, games and movies are stored digitally and you no longer run out to buy the latest CD.If you still have your old CD's and no longer need them for their primary use, get creative and give them purpose by upcycling them. We have compiled a list of 15 different ways to recycle your old CD's and give them a new lease of life.

1. Mosaic Table

Add a bit of sparkle to your table with a unique mosaic made out of CD's. You will need to boil the CD’s in order to make them softer to cut into small pieces. You can cut them different sizes, but bear in mind that they need to closely fit together when they are glued to the table. It will be time consuming to create this masterpiece, but as you can see it creates a fantastic effect.

mosaic tableFind out how: thoughtsofanauticalgirl

2. Christmas Ornament

Cut up CD's into small pieces and glue them to plain baubles to create these dazzling Christmas ornaments. Make sure you use CD’s with a silver color rather than blue/purple. The mosaic effect will stand out on your tree and you can even make them as gifts for your friends and family.

christmas ornament cdFind out how: cremedelacraft

3. Coasters

The round shape and size of CD's make them perfect as coasters. If you have some CD’s in your home that you no longer use, you can upcycle them into beautiful chic coasters. Just choose some fabric that you would like the coasters to showcase and apply it to the CD’s.

cd coastersFind out how: craftsbyamanda

4. Mosaic Birdbath

Turn a boring old birdbath into a pretty mosaic haven for all the birds in your yard, by adding CD's to the surface to it. To ensure birds don’t get their legs caught between the gaps of the pieces of the CD’s, apply grout to the bath. This will seal up any areas that aren’t covered by a CD and will give a smooth finish.

cd birdbathFind out how: meandmydiy

5. Wall Clock

Don't waste your money on an expensive new clock. Instead make one out of your old CD's that you no longer use. This quirky clock is made by glueing together an assortment of CD’s and sticking them onto a wooden sheet so it can hang on the wall. You can then buy the necessary clockwork components at a store and apply them to your homemade CD clock.

cd clockFind out how: instructables

6. Mosaic Bracelet

This mosaic bracelet is a really pretty statement piece of jewelry that has surprisingly been made from a few different recycled materials. As well as using CD’s, the actual bracelet shape is formed from part of a water bottle. It is then covered in clay, and small pieces of cut up CD’s are stuck on it to create the mosaic effect.

cd braceletFind out how: becreativehobbies

7. Mosaic Photo Frame

It can be hard finding a nice photo frame for a cheap price, so why not try making your own? You can buy cheap plain photo frames and transform them into beautiful pieces of art, by gluing pieces of CD's around the edge. Depending on how big your frame is, you will only need one or two CD’s to create a pretty mosaic.

Find out how: makeiteasycrafts

8. Disco Ball

Have a dancing party in your home by turning your old CD’s into a sparkling disco ball. The ball is made using paper mache on a balloon, and then it is spray painted before cut up CD’s are applied with glue. It is very time consuming and you will need approximately 25 CD’s to create a similar disco ball. However when the sun shines onto the ball it creates a beautiful light effect in the room.

cd disco ballFind out how: skiptomylou

9. Yard Markers

If you have a green thumb and enjoy growing produce in your yard, consider using CD's as markers. You can write the name of the plants or vegetables on the CD's using a sharpie and attach them to popsicle sticks so they stick in the ground. If you have children they can help make them by adding their own artwork or stickers.

cd markersFind out how: boulderfamilies

10. Flower Pots

Decorate a plain terra cotta flower pot with pieces of CD’s to create this pretty holder for your plant. You need three CD’s to make this, and unlike some of the other mosaic style decorative pieces, this one isn’t as time consuming. Once it’s finished, the sunlight will bounce right off it and a variety of colors will reflect beautifully from the CD’s.

mosaic flower potFind out how: makeiteasycrafts

11. Earrings

Jazz up your earrings by gluing piece's of shiny CD's to them. It is really easy to do and only requires the use of one old CD. The entire project will take half an hour to complete and at the end of it you will have new pair of earrings to show off to all of your friends and family.

cd earringsFind out how: thekipiblog

12. Mosaic Collar

Turn your plain clothing from drab to fab, with this pretty mosaic collar. All you need to do is cut up a CD into small pieces and glue it onto the collar of one of your shirts. You can decide how many pieces you want on your collar and arrange them however you want.

cd collarFind out how: alldaychic

13. Spinners

Make a craft with the children and recycle old CD's into a fun toy. Spinners are really easy to make out of CD's and your children will love watching them spin round really fast. The handle is made out of a marble covered over by a bottle cap and glued to the center of the CD. You can then let your children decorate them in any color or pattern they want, as they are the ones who will be playing with them.

cd spinnerFind out how: frugalfun4boys 

14. Curtain

You can create a curtain for your home by hanging CD's together with binder rings. The hanging display can be time consuming as you need to individually drill holes into the CD's so the binder rings can fit through them. You could start off with a small CD hanging and expand on it over time by adding extra CD's to it.

cd wall artFind out how: creativemeinspiredyou

15. Necklace

Create this cool blue necklace by cutting up CD's into equal sized pieces and drilling holes at the top of them, before baking them in the oven. The blue color is created when the CD's melt, and you can have as many or as little pendant sized pieces as you want on the chain of your necklace.

cd necklaceFind out how: crafster