Host an unforgettable party on a budget with these fun DIY party decorations that are easy to make and ideal for any special occasion.  Planning a party can be stressful and expensive, but you can easily cut down the cost by making your own decorations. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement party or new year's eve celebration, there are so many different ways you can dress up a party using inexpensive materials. Take a look at our list of 15 easy DIY party decorations that you can create on a budget, and start preparing for your next party.

1. Glitter Ribbon Garland

Add sparkle to any occasion with this gorgeous glitter ribbon garland. This is really cheap to make as you only need a long strip of glittery ribbon, white cotton string, scissors and either double sided tape or glue. Cut the ribbon into various lengths and fold each piece over the string to make a crease. Unfold it and apply tape or glue onto the ribbon and the string, and re-fold. When it is dry, hang it up and prepare to be dazzled.

glitter ribbon garlandFind out how: anastasiamarie

2. Ice Cream Balloons

You can't have a party without balloons, but have you ever seen ones dressed up as ice creams? These are great for children's birthday parties and can be used as a fun table decoration next to the food. Draw diagonal lines on pieces of cardstock to form a waffle pattern before wrapping them around balloons and taping them together. You can leave the design how it is or add a chocolate chip pattern to the balloons with a sharpie.

ice cream balloonsFind out how: thechicsite

3. Animal Candle Holder

Turn some of your childen's old plastic toys into spectacular candle holders for cupcakes or a birthday cake. Drill a hole in the top of the animals that is deep enough to place a holder in. Spray the animals and the candle holders in a metallic color such as gold. Once they are dry you can start displaying them on your cakes.

animal candle holderFind out how: thesweetestoccasion

4. Confetti Wall

Create a focal point for your party by decorating a wall with homemade card stock confetti. This is a very inexpensive way to brighten up a room, but your guests will still be suitably impressed. Just cut out circles from different colored cardstock and attach them to the wall with mounting putty.

Confetti WallFind out how: diynetwork

5. Flower Wall

If you are looking for a wall decoration with a bit more flair, try making fun and colorful flowers out of tissue paper. Draw flower templates of three different sizes and trace around them on tissue paper to create petals. Then cut out the petals for each flower and tape them together in the middle. Scrunch up tissue paper of a contrasting color and glue this in the middle of the small flower, before attaching the small, medium and large petal bunches together with glue. Add pieces of flower paper garland to your tissue paper flowers and use removable mounting squares to attach them to the walls.

wall flowersFind out how: swellmayde

6. Popsicle Stick Table Runner

Brighten up a birthday party with this novelty popsicle stick table runner that is so easy to craft, even your children can make it. Paint a collection of large popsicle sticks a variety of colors and once they are dry, stick them together with either blue painters tape or masking tape. Then just lay them on the table to create the runner.

popsicle stick table runnerFind out how: hwtm

7. Balloon Doorway

Help your guests make a grand entrance by decorating your doorway with an assortment of balloons. Attach blown up balloons to curling ribbon and tape them to the top of the doorway. Then in between the ribbon, tape up streamers of different colors to complete the look of your party doorway.

Balloon doorwayFind out how: gsfool

8. Cupcake Stands

Give your baked goods the attention they deserve with these adorable individual cupcake stands. The stands are really easy to put together, and you only need a few materials to make them. Simply glue mini candlesticks to wooden circular plaques and spray paint them. If you want to dress them up further, glue doily patterned card stock and a bow round the plaques.

cupcake standFind out how: blitsy

9. Flag Straws

Transform your boring paper straws into a quirky piece of party decor by adding washi tape to them. You can buy washi tape in a range of colors and patterns so decide whether you want to coordinate your straws or have an assortment of different ones. Once you have chosen your washi tape, stick a small strip around each straw and cut the tape into a flag shape.

Flag strawsFind out how: paperandpin

10. Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboards are very versatile and are used in many DIY projects to display quotes, messages and labels, so it's no surprise they can also be incorporated into party decor. These chalkboard signs can be easily made by placing chalkboard fabric in the center of embroidery hoops and securing it in place. You can write anything onto your signs, but if your stuck for ideas, we suggest using them as welcome messages to your guests and labels for your party food.

Chalkboard signsFind out how: hwtm

11. Patterned Paper Cups

Washi tape is a very resourceful material which can be used to easily decorate a variety of objects. Paper cups are no exception. Cut strips of washi tape that are slightly larger than the height of your paper cups and tape them vertically onto the cups. Tuck the excess tape under the rim and then your ready to start using them.

patterned paper cupsFind out how: madamebonbon

12. Paper Hot Air Balloons

Turn paper lanterns into sweet hot air balloons to decorate a child's birthday party. Start off by painting your lantern in your chosen colors. When it is dry, glue a thin line inside the lantern and place four pieces of string to it. Then attach the bottom part of each string to a small basket with glue and wait for it to dry before putting it on display.

hot air balloonFind out how: makelifelovely

13. Cupcake Liner Garland

If you're a fan of cupcakes, consider making this cute garland made out of cupcake liners. They're perfect if you're on a budget, and you can make a variety of different ones by simply buying a range of colored cake liners. All you need to do to create this garland, is fold your liners in half over a piece of string and glue them together. It's that simple!

cupcake liner garlandFind out how: vickybarone

14. Tissue Paper Number Sign

Celebrate milestone birthdays with a large number sign created out of tissue paper. Begin by drawing and cutting out your number on foam board. Then fold tissue paper into rectangles and cut them into flowers. Scrunch up the tissue paper flowers and glue them to the foam board until it is fully covered. Once it's dry, display it as a centerpiece at your party.

Tissue Paper Number SignFind out how: bajantexan

15. Photo Cake Toppers

Celebrate in style by personalizing your baked goods with fun photo cake toppers. To create a photo stand, cut a piece of wire to stick in the cake and curl one end of it with needle-nose pliers. Pull out the center of the curl with the pliers so that you can secure a photo in it, and then place you picture into your wire holder. You can make as many cake toppers as you want, and swap and change the photos to suit different occasions.

photo cake toppersFind out how: letsmingle