Your phone, whether you want it to be or not, is a part of you. As such, it's become pretty popular to dress up your protective case and give it a little of your personality. The more lively cases are often more expensive than the basic ones, forcing you to decide between your style and your budget. You can give a plain case an injection of your personal style by using some DIY ideas to customize an iPhone case.


Discover creative DIY ideas to customize an iPhone case

When it comes to customizing your iPhone case, the only limit is your imagination. Experiment with things on your own or try your hand at these DIY ideas that are simple and fun to do!


Duct tape decor

Duct tape has become big in crafting, so there are a ton of colors and patterns available. Wrap your case in the tape of your choice or mix and match to create something unique.

DIY Ideas To Customize An iPhone Case - Duct tape decorpopsugar


Pouch case

Make a small burlap pouch to give your case a unique look. Use paint, stickers or whatever you want to add life to the pouch.

Pouch casemarthastewart


Spike it up

Those small metal spikes with round tips that are usually used for clothing can be a fun addition to your case. Simply glue the tips in a pattern on the back of the case.

Spike it upallw


Add a little steam punk

The industrial age look of steam punk, as covered by The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, is in right now. You can tap into this movement by gluing gears and other metal items to the case's back.

Add a little steam punkpinimg


Print your own decals

If you have a decent printer, you can print off your own design on a stick sheet. Affix your creation to your case to show off your creativity and personality at the same time.

Print your own decalsallw


Wear some washi

According to She Knows, washi is a natural fiber tape that comes in many designs. This has a different texture from duct tape and works well if you want your case to have a fabric feel.

Wear some washichroniclebooks


Go for fabric

You can use decoupaged or embroidered fabric to make your phone stand out. Find that perfect style and glue it to your case for a brand new conversation piece.

Go for fabricmarthastewart


Try going old-school

A small cut piece of blackboard can be the right fit for your phone case, and you'll even be able to write on it in chalk. It's a very creative option amongst the many DIY ideas to customize an iPhone case.

Try going old-schoolcraziestgadgets


Get those markers out

Colorful markers are just the thing for a plain, neutral case. Use permanent markets to get the hues you want at a very low cost!

Get those markers outallw


Find some flowers

Simple silk flowers can do wonders for your phone. Use the buds and leaves from smaller silk flowers to create a mobile floral masterpiece.

Find some flowersmylifeandkids


Dazzle your broken rear panel

Less of a design option and more of a cover-up for a broken case, you can use colors to blend into the cracks of your shattered rear panel. This will make the damage far less obvious. iFixit recommends covering it with tape to avoid shards.

Dazzle your broken rear panelwonderhowto


Glam it up with glitter

A plain case, glitter and glue are all you need to add glam to your phone!

Glam it up with glitterbp


Pull out your paint

Paint can do wonders for a plain, boring case. Add polka dots, lines and more using just your paint brush!

Pull out your paintbp


Wallpaper it up

Wallpaper, believe it or not, can dress up your phone case, too! Just be sure to cut the pattern right for the best fit.

Wallpaper it upmarthastewart


Recycle old tablecloths

Vinyl tablecloths can make for the perfect pouch case for your phone.

Recycle old tableclothsmarthastewart