Turn your old sneakers into a one of kind pair of footwear that you can proudly show off, by giving them a makeover using one of these DIY ideas.


Amazing DIY Sneaker Ideas

You don’t have to be particularly crafty to personalize your sneakers. To get started, all you need are a few tools and your imagination. To help inspire your creativity, here are 15 decorative ways to makeover your sneakers and give them a new lease of life.


1. Ombre Sneakers

The ombre trend of blending one color hue to another has been seen on hair, clothes and in this case, shoes. You will need a pair of white sneakers for this project and liquid rit dye in the color of your choice. To paint the sneakers fill a spray bottle with a small amount of the dye and water and shake the bottle. Start spraying at the toe and gradually work your way up to the middle of the shoe. Then pour some of the mixture out and water it down before spraying the middle part. Proceed to do the same for the heel of the shoe, and spray it with an even further watered down mixture so you get a cool ombre effect.

ombre sneakersFind out how: mrkate


2. Map Sneakers

If you love to travel, you definitely need to try this map sneakers project. To dress up your sneakers you will need a large map or atlas, mod podge, and a paintbrush. Tear off small pieces of your map and apply them to your sneakers with mod podge. After you have completely covered your shoes, leave them to dry before wearing them.

map sneakersFind out how: somethingmonumental


3. Sparkly Sneakers

Dazzle everyone with a pair of expensive looking sparkly sneakers that are actually really cheap to make. Use masking tape to cover the toe and rubber soles of your sneakers so they don't get covered in glitter. Then mix glitter and decoupage together and paint several coats of the mixture onto each shoe until they are fully covered. Take the tape off and glue gemstone embellishments to the toe area before coloring in the grommets with a silver sharpie.

glitter sneakersFind out how: marthastewart


4. Polka Dot Sneakers

Easily makeover a pair of white sneakers by adding fun polka dots to them. You can use any color paint you want for the polka dots, but metallic works best if you want a more glamorous effect. The dots can be painted freehand, but if you aren't confident enough to do this, a circular foam stamp can be used to make evenly sized polka dots.

polka dot sneakersFind out how: dreamgreendiy 


5. Studded Sneakers

This is a time consuming DIY project but in the end you will have an awesome pair of studded sneakers, so it's well worth the effort. Depending on how big your shoes are, you will need 150 - 200 brass cone spikes. These are stuck onto the sneakers with a small amount of glue that is applied to each spike using a toothpick. After covering the front and back of your shoes, leave them to dry overnight before wearing them.

studded sneakersFind out how: honestlywtf


6. Braided Laces Sneakers

Transform your old sneakers really easily by adding new laces to them. You're probably familiar with the braided friendships bracelets children give each other in school. However instead of wearing them on your wrist you can use them as laces for your shoes. Just make sure you braid them long enough so that they can be laced through the grommets of your shoes and tied at the end.

braided sneakersFind out how: shefinds


7. Fringe Sneakers

These fabulous fringe sneakers can be made in literally minutes and only require a few tools and supplies. First unlace your sneakers and cut your chosen color of fringe to the right length for both of your sneakers, so that it fits around the top. Stick the fringe to your sneakers using fabric glue and secure it with a pin until the glue dries.

fringe sneakersFind out how: brit+co


8. Lace Sneakers

Add a touch of elegance to your sneakers with lace detailing. Choose your style and color of lace material and place it over the front of your sneakers. Cut it to the shape that you want and apply mod podge across the toe of your sneaker before applying the lace to it. It will only take a few minutes for the lace to properly stick to the sneakers, but you will then need to seal the lace onto them by applying another layer of mod podge.

lace sneakersFind out how: cinnamonspring


9. Stenciled Sneakers

Create a cool pattern on your sneakers using a cheap stencil and glitter. This DIY creation involves the use of mod podge and a stencil specifically suited for mod podge projects. To start decorating your sneakers you first need to decide where your pattern is going to be. Then mix mod podge and glitter together and place your stencil over the selected area. Sponge your glitter mixture onto your shoes through the stencil until you have covered everywhere you want the pattern to be.

stenciled sneakersFind out how: trinketsinbloom


10. Floral Sneakers

Turn a pair of plain white sneakers into these beautiful floral shoes in just a few simple steps. First you need to source a floral pattern you would like on your shoes, and then print it onto iron transfer paper. Cut the printed paper into small sections and apply it to your shoes so you can easily iron on the floral design. After the sneakers have been fully covered, peel the backing off and start wearing them!

flower sneakersFind out how: diycandy


11. Platform Sneakers

Give yourself some height with a pair of DIY platform sneakers. To create the platform you will need foam, two shoe soles, and raffia. Glue each sole with foam and then glue this to the sneakers to create a small platform. If you want the platform to be taller you can add more layers of foam to the underside of your sneakers. Once you are happy with the height of your platform, cover up the foam by gluing layers of raffia around the edge of the shoes.

platform sneakersFind out how: apairandaspare


12. Zig Zag Sneakers

If you own a variety of fabric pens, you can use them to easily create fun zig zag patterns on your sneakers. Just cut out a zig zag pattern on cardboard and use it as a template to trace the pattern across your sneakers. Color in the zig zags with your fabric pens and make sure you color the inside rim of your sneakers. Then put them on your feet and take them for a test drive!

zig zag sneakersFind out how: refinery29


13. Confetti Sneakers

Brighten up a pair of white sneakers with an assortment of sharpies. The confetti design is easy to create but you need to have the patience to cover all of your sneakers in different colored dots. Start by drawing and filling in circles with your first choice of ink color before proceeding to use the remainder of your sharpies to color in your circles. When you have ran out of space to place your confetti dots, your sneakers are ready to be worn.

confetti sneakersFind out how: dreamalittlebigger


14. Rainbow Tie Dye Sneakers

Paint your sneakers all colors of the rainbow with a tie dye kit. First tape off the areas of your sneakers that you don't want tie dyed. Secondly prepare the tie dye and start lightly pouring the dye onto your shoes. Once the shoes are completely dyed, place them in a plastic bag and let them dry overnight.

rainbow sneakersFind out how: apumpkinandaprincess


15. Cut Out Sneakers

Keep cool in the summer with these pretty cut out sneakers. Trace circles onto your sneakers with a pencil and use cosmetic scissors to cut them out. The insides of your freshly cut circles will be prone to fraying but you can prevent this from happening by painting them with clear nail polish.

cut out sneakersFind out how: refinery29